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Halloween is all about spooky costumes, trick-or-treating, and lots of candies. Students are often quite excited about the Hallows Eve because on this event, frightening people with eerie costumes and playing pranks are not taken offensive. Halloween is just round the corner, do you have your costume ready? If not, then get prepared as this holiday is all about dressing up like weirdos and having fun, so brace yourselves up fellas because it’s time to go bananas.

Most of you must be gearing up for cool costume parties either at a friend’s rooftop or at some night club, but it is still tricky to narrow down to a perfect costume you can don this year. With an intent to help you in coming to a decision regarding what to wear this Halloween, we bring you eight most popular outfits and ensembles of the year that will guide you, and your group in selecting best costume for the occasion.

Let’s have a look!

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot nailed it! The DC comic character based on the lines of Superman is indeed the most popular attire for Halloween this year. It created a sensation on the web and girls flaunting the wonder women costume for comic conventions and award parties became a frequent sight. You can easily buy it online and enjoy all the applause.


Bryan Cranston’s portrayal as the cancer stricken dealer in ‘Breaking Bad’ was brilliant. For all those who love chemistry and want to look like your favourite professor ‘Walter White,’ here’s a chance. You can go as the Heisenberg; all it requires is a bowler hat, pair of square-shaped black rim glasses, and a goatee.

Hippies from the 90s

People who like garish outfits and want something similar to wear, the typical hippy attire from the 90s would be perfect for them. Floppy trousers, doppler t-shirts and funky head gears will surely win you a lots of praise from your friends and family.


This never goes out of style when it comes to costume parties. One of the most popular attire ever that perfectly reflects the spirit of Halloween. You can go in as a complete ensemble and look spooky with dripping blood stains and gothic make-up.

Star Wars Characters 

Star Wars is a franchise that is filled with numerous memorable characters and you can dress like anyone of them. Whether it’s the Darth Wader, Han Solo, Princess Leia or Yoda, all of them are simply awesome. It is yet another one of the good choices for a great ensemble.


Johnny Depp’s impersonation of quirky, comically agile and ragtag genius, Jack Sparrow is extremely popular, just like his dress-up. The latest pirate flick was a hit and so would be your look if you go in dressed as him.

IT Clown

Clowns always look scary and seem to have a disturbing side. The famous horror thriller of the year ‘IT’, had a clown playing the antagonist which made the look all the more popular. The clown costume from IT looks both spooky & cool, exactly what the occasion of Halloween demands.

Harley Quinn

The appearance of supervillain Harley Quin in the latest DC comic movie Suicide Squad made her extremely popular amongst the youth. As big a sensation that she is, dressing up like her will surely bring you tons of laurels.

Hope you’ve finally figured out what to wear this time after reading the blog.

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