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With time, a diverse range of gaming genres came into existence. FPS, Third Person Shooter, RPG, Racing, and Point & Click are a few common genres that every gamer is familiar with. A great storyline is also a major factor in a game’s success. Students or not, a large number of gamers love a gripping plot. Games like ‘Witcher’ rule the storytelling universe.

On the other hand, game developers keep pushing the boundaries that define genre gaming. For example, in Star Wars Battlefront, players can switch between first person and third person view. And, in Watch Dogs you need to play arcade games to increase skill points.

Major league game developers now include the classic components of their earlier games in the new ones. And, the Indie game developers focus on creating a game that can steal a gamer’s attention from the major game titles. Hence, nowadays, there are a lot of games to choose from.

We are here to make your selection worth the price you pay. Here’s a list of the games that you will not regret buying.

1.Assassin’s Creed Origins

Conspiracies, historical figures, romanticized history, this game has got it all. It contains real historic figures playing their part. You can interact with them and collect missions too. Assassin’s Creed games can make gaming a learning experience for students. In Assassin’s Creed Origins, the story takes place in Ancient Egypt. So needless to say, you’ll be assassinating a Pharaoh at some point in the game or collecting missions from them. Who knows?


2.Horizon: Zero Dawn

Set in a fantasy world, the game’s storyline sets you in a post apocalyptic version of Earth. Robots have taken over. Mechanical Dinosaurs walk free. Safety of the world lie in your hands. Time to pull some triggers!

The game sets a futuristic storyline where the world as we know has ended thousands of years ago. The link between past and present is broken, and Artificial Intelligence is the one to be blamed for everything. Interesting, isn’t it?

3.Far Cry Primal

Most of us would be familiar with Ubisoft’s Far Cry game titles. Be it for their annoying villains or the level of details, Far Cry games are true value for money. But unlike other Far Cry titles that take place in quite modern history, Far Cry Primal takes it to completely another level. You are in 10,000 BCE and there are no guns. You have to create your own bow and arrows, and hunt some Mammoths. You can even use your environment to create poison bombs and traps. It’s a open-world game with monsters roaming around, and you play as a strong primal human.

4.Resident Evil 7 Bio-hazard

Remember Resident Evil, 1996? Just saying its name can give you shivers down your spine. Later on, Capcom gave up on horror and created action-based zombie hunting games. But now, after a lot of experiments with zombie hunting, Capcom brings back the horror with Resident Evil 7- Bio Hazard into the series. If you have already played all the previous Resident Evil editions, then that will help connecting the storyline. Otherwise, it’s never too late to start playing this video game.

5.Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite is a game born of modern warfare. As the name suggests, you play as a sniper in the game. All you have to do is collect sniper contracts, and gain information on those contracts. Sniper Elite is a gamer’s paradise for those who enjoy stealth gaming. In most cases, your targets do not even know what hits them.


It’s important for us to understand that games do offer more than just violence. They give students a window to relax and rejuvenate their brain cells. A few games also offer accurate history incidents in their storyline. Apart from just playing the game, gamers also learn a few important facts about historical events. However, it is also suggested that the students must not create any fantasy world around the games. Game stories seem legit in games only. Happy Gaming!

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