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Every parent wants their kid to concentrate and excel in studies. They believe that good academic grades would ensure a better career for their child. But at the same time, they should also remember the fact that sports are equally important for the overall development of a student. When a kid plays a sport with other children, he learns so much about different things, be it from teammates, competitors, strategies, coach, etc. Even if the offspring is not willing to get involved in anything other than studies or does not go out to play with others, parents should encourage them to do the same because sometimes when kids do not get involved in social activities they lose interest in everything including studies and may get dull and depressed.

We all have heard “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and now it’s high time, we should start taking this phrase seriously and to support this statement, here are some benefits of sports:

1. Improves physical fitness

It is the most obvious benefit of playing any sport. It is good for blood circulation and improves the functioning of heart, mind, and muscles. It is much better than sitting on the couch and playing games on phone or tab that would just make you an idle and increase obesity. Field sports also help to enhance coordination and mental balance.

2. Promotes healthy competition

When you play a certain sport, you might win someday or lose the other day. But, whatever the case may be, both winning and losing should motivate you equally to do better. You learn to accept defeat with a sportsman spirit and always work harder to improve your flaws instead of blaming others.

3. Great career option

You might start playing a sport just as a regular hobby or as a part of the school curricular activity, but once you excel in it and start enjoy playing a specific sport, it can prove to be a great career option. As they say ‘practice makes a man perfect’ so you can become the master of it by regular practice sessions and you never know, you might be playing for a national or an international team.

4. Provides academic help

Research has proved that students who play sports tend to be smarter and intelligent as physical exercise improves their memory and concentration. Playing sport is good for your energy and improves your thinking, creativity, hard-work, and dedication which is required in your academics as well.

5. Boosts self-confidence

One of the major advantages of playing a sport is that it builds self-confidence. When you perform well in a match and get praise from your coach, teachers, parents, friends, you feel accomplished. You start believing in your abilities and get encouraged to always give your best. Even if you don’t perform well, you learn to accept your mistakes and take criticism positively which can benefit you in future.

6. Develops social-skill and team-spirit

When you play in a team and against the competitors, it helps you to make yourself more social. You share ideas, listen to each other, suggest or advice and interact with many people including your coach and trainer, this helps you develop your social skills, and you never think as ‘I’ but as ‘We.' You get extrovert and make more friends which is a very important factor needed as a student.

Although, these days students are more fascinated by video games, play stations, and phones, one can not deny the fact that outdoor and indoor sports are necessary for physical as well as mental fitness. Even if you give two hours per day to any of these sports, you can witness the aforementioned benefits in your life.

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