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The world of science is endless which is growing every day and there are plenty of research taking place in almost all the fields. The undying efforts of scientists and visionaries to explore more and more about theories like Supersymmetry and Quantum Mechanics have widened the horizons to an amazing extent. Twentieth century gifted us some of the most brilliant minds ever and their ideologies that changed the entire world but we have entered a new era which has brought along a whole new bunch of discoveries and ground-breaking inventions. Twenty-first century is far from over and has already revolutionized so many fields of science & technology. This blog brings you a few of such exploration, discoveries, and inventions that are note-worthy.

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Nanotubes Audio Speakers

Researchers have been fiddling with carbon nanotubes for years now but haven’t been able to achieve anything significant. But recently a team of Chinese Scientists have come up with audio speakers that appear transparent and have a stronger tensile strength than steel. These will be made available for public use very soon.

Organ Cultivation

The field of stem cell has been going strength to strength from the last decade and all the efforts have finally paid off. Scientists have successfully invented a method to grow organs from stem cells. A few cases of successful organ development have already been registered.

Cure for AIDS

Scientists have utilized the genes of people who have formidable immune system and can resist maximum diseases to find a cure for HIV. A doctor named Heutter from Germany just completed a bone marrow transplant from HIV immune person to a patient that got cured from AIDS and Leukemia.

Life on Mars

This is considered to be one of the biggest breakthroughs of the century. Scientists accompanied by NASA found traces of ice and water on the surface of Mars, but the interesting thing was the presence of a few single cell and some symbiotic organisms. This showed the existence of life on extraterritorial bodies as well.

Water as a Fuel

To deal with the ever-rising resource crisis, scientists have managed to turn water into a fuel to run machinery, especially automobile. This particular discovery will not only help in dealing with energy crisis but will also reduce pollution.


A team of medical scientists from all over the world has invented robotic or artificial limbs for the people who are paralyzed and can’t move. These limbs could be easily controlled by patient’s mind.

Brain Injection

A new method of injecting micronutrients directly into the brain has been introduced that is believed to be a major milestone in medicine world.

Gene Mapping

It is a process in which a single gene can be converted into a complete DNA structure that holds all the information about a person. Also, genetic mapping is useful in finding out about the possible diseases or disorders one may have to suffer in his/her lifetime.

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