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Nowadays, most students prefer doing internships and part-time jobs along with their studies. This is because it provides them with basic pocket money, experience, exposure, confidence, etc., which might be useful in their career growth. So, whenever they get vacations or free time, they apply for job. In fact, there are many new opportunities especially for students who prefer side jobs such as in college, freelancing, restaurants, cafes, etc. As they say, ‘the first impression is the last impression,’ and your resume is that first impression on the recruiters. The prerequisite for any job is to write a well-structured resume. Many of the freshers don’t have enough knowledge, and they mess up their CV which further reduces their chances of getting selected for the position. So one needs to learn the basic tips important for writing a CV which include certain sections, writing language, content, etc.

If you are also planning to apply for a job but have confusions regarding the structure of resume, then we are providing you a few tips to write it.

Here we go:

1. Start with your name and contact details

Always write your full name and complete contact detail which includes the phone number, email address, postal address, at the top. Give full consideration while writing your address email ID, and give a permanent address or the one you are residing at present. Also, mention the correct ID, which you actively use.

2. Research properly

Research about the company and profile you are applying for.

You should know the hiring need of the company and write your resume accordingly. You can research about it online and get as much knowledge as you can so that to mention only relevant details in it. Also, understand your profile you are applying for and indicate only those points which are required for the position.

3. Objective and skills section

Under this head, you write the aim, ambition, and what you want to achieve in your career. Whether you are looking for a permanent job or just an internship, state briefly. Also, mention your skills that are helpful in your work profile. It should contain the list of your qualities but never brag unnecessarily. You can use bullet points to make it more attractive.

4. Qualifications

This is the most important section, and every employer consider it before calling you for an interview. So, you need to be careful while writing your qualifications. If you have done short or diploma courses, then don’t forget to mention them here. You can also include your assessment score and your grades if you think it might help.

5. Accomplishments

If you have received an award in your school or college and have participated in debates or any sort of competition, mention them under this section. In case, you are a part of a college club and good at some particular sport or activity, write them in points.

6. Experience

When you apply for an internship or a summer job, mention the earlier experience that you have. If you have worked as a freelancer, or done any other job even for a few months, always write it in your resume along with the company name, date and your profile and duties that you have performed there. It will add to your goodwill and recruiters can use it as a reference.

7. Check grammatical and spelling mistakes

After writing your whole resume, read it slowly and double-check for any grammatical or spelling mistake. You can use websites or apps that are specially designed for this purpose. Also, ensure the correct numbering if you have mentioned anything in points because silly mistakes can create bad impact on recruiters.

Hope the points that we have mentioned above would be beneficial to you while writing your resume or CV. You can also check a few samples if you want on Google and get an idea about the resume structure. All the Best!

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