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Public Speaking is feared by a majority of people, but knowing some of the important tips might help you in the long run. In this blog, we have shared some of the relevant tips that would surely make your speech a memorable one. There are a few basic things that would prove to be best for the people who might be from a different profession and are speaking to the ones from a different profession.

Go through the questions listed below and get yourself enlightened on the same:

1. Who are they?

Before you sit down to draft and finalise your speech, you need to have some basic yet important idea and information about the people whom you would be addressing, i.e., whether they are the top executives, or a more youthful audience. Get a brief idea about their level of education, age, religion, ethnicity, and the way they think politically and add some humorous context which might work well while you are speaking and wouldn’t make your speech monotonous. If you know the answers to just some of these questions then this will help you frame the content for your next big talk.

2. Who are you?

Give a brief introduction about yourself and not a prolonged biography as this would help the audience to connect with you instantly. Share a funny story about you as that would help you to get your audience to a lighter mood and would develop their interest. Just do not exaggerate about yourself and keep reiterating about your achievements and laurels instead of focusing on what your audience is expecting from you.

3. What's your audience's perspective?

Know about the perspective of your audience and what do they value the most. Also, you can ask them questions and determine what do they actually stand for and on the contrary what do they stand against. By understanding what matters the most to your audience, you would be able to align your topic with their cherished beliefs. For instance, if you're a nutrition expert who is speaking to a group of engineering professionals who value healthy work environments, then you may discuss how the right kind of food choices would lead to happier, and energetic professional life.

4. How relevant is your topic to them?

Choose a topic of discussion that goes according to the audience that you would be speaking to and do not convey something that might not interest them. For example, the college freshmen won’t be interested in too much philosophical talks and would want to relate with something that might interest them and motivate them regarding the course that they have chosen.

5. Does your audience know about the topic you are going to discuss?

Sometimes, a topic that the speaker might choose to speak on is relevant to an audience, but they do not have much knowledge of it which would require you to do some educating on your part. For instance, if you're a cyber security specialist who is going to speak to a group of banking executives about the threat of being hacked, then you may need to explain them about the basics of what a firewall is or give relevant statistics on the likelihood of getting attacked by computer viruses.

Hope with these above-mentioned questions; you would be able to grasp the right questions that would surely make you a star among the audience. Just choose your own style and discover what more you can do with your speech.

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