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Christmas is just around the corner, and you can feel the festivities and celebrations around. People are shopping, planning holidays, buying gifts, decorating their homes, planning parties, etc. The spirit of Christmas can be witnessed everywhere, and many of the elderly tell the stories behind this celebration to the kids. You might also have heard the story and watched plays about Jesus Christ- how he was born in the stable in the presence of three kings and shepherds who brought gifts for him and much more. But what if you came to know that many parts of the story are untrue and there are other facts which no one ever told you. These misconceptions have widespread year after year and people have interpreted them accordingly in 2000 years. The story that most people know is different from what gospels and bible say.

So, here are some myths and facts about Christmas:

1. Jesus was born on 25th December

We celebrate Christmas on 25th December as the date marks the birth of Jesus Christ. But, you would be surprised to know that there is no biblical proof of the date and month of his birth. According to Gospels, shepherds were out in the night with their flock of sheep at the time of birth. Well, in December the nights of Bethlehem are cold, and nothing grows in the fields, so instead of taking their lambs out, shepherds would have probably tied them inside.

2. There were three kings

One of the most famous scenes in every Christmas play is that of the three kings coming at the birthplace of Jesus following a big bright star. The Gospel of Matthew only mentions the word “magoi” which means wise men, it does not mention the number and that they were the kings. This man came to the city to ask for the King of Jews where they found the child with his mother at home and gave him gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These wise men could be two or eight, but the thought of three kings came from the mention of three gifts that were given to the baby. Also, these wise men could be the astrologers.

3. Jesus was born in a stable

For generations, we have been hearing that Jesus was born in the stable because innkeeper tells them that there was no place for them in the inn. Luke states that “laid him in a manger because there was no place for them at the inn.” Well, the story started because the Greek word “kataluma” was translated as the inn whereas the more appropriate word for it would have been a guest room, and if they wanted to mention the word hotel, they had a better vocabulary to do so. Another argument can be that why would Mary and Joseph would stay in a hotel when Bethlehem was the hometown of Joseph, he went there to stay with the relatives. So, the possibility is that the Mary delivered the baby on a lower floor as there was no place in the guest quarter.

4. The animals, shepherds, and wise men were present at the same time in a manger

When people talk about the scene of Jesus birth, it is mostly shown as a stable where the kings, shepherds and almost all animals were present at the same time. Firstly, there were not as many animals as usually shown in paintings and plays where they create ox, donkeys, horses, etc. When they talk about the manger, it means a place to eat for animals and where they were kept at night for protection. There is no mention of other animals except sheep or wise men and shepherds present at the same time in the bible.

These were some myths and facts that we have been believing for years. We hope that when you will discuss the Christmas story next time with your family and friends, you will not forget to mention these point.

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