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Everyone is unique in their own way and possesses special qualities that set them apart from the rest. Yes, personality development is all about celebrating your flaws and uniqueness with enthusiasm. To become perfect which itself is an overrated belief, you need not erase all your flaws instead embrace and use them as powerful motivators. It is perfectly stated, “To conquer your flaws you must first accept them.”

Here are the tips to build the personality that you can feel proud of.

1.Learn to have patience

Yes, patience is the key to contentment. Being in a hurry all the time drains your energy. You need to let go of all the stress that ruins your sanity. When you lack forbearance, your progress will suffer. You need the zeal to accept the delays, learn to be a keen observer of the outside world, and always remember if you become impatient you try to force things to happen. It is said that patience is the quality to control your emotions even if you are being attacked or severely criticized. Your mind attains patience if it is not filled with hatred and envious thoughts.

2. Develop modesty

You might be a most brilliant or talented individual, but modesty lies in being humble and kind. You should not brag about your achievements- even if you are great at something. Being modest is about not showing off and remaining low-key. The person who has the highest social standing should stay down to earth so that they can guide other how not to let success go to your head.

3. Keep an open mind

Remember, the only way we can learn and proceed in our life is by inculcating new ideologies. Open-mindedness helps you to learn, grow, and stay honest. When you are open-minded you look at things differently, develop new perspectives and open a new realm of ideas and possibilities.

4. Read something every day

The more you read, the more things you will learn. Reading is the most powerful tool needed to boost academic standards. It increases your vocabulary and power of imagination. Apart from being valuable and beneficial, reading strengthens your research abilities.

5. Spend time on things that matter to you

Whether it's reading, playing guitar, or going to gym, if you enjoy it, then it’s worth spending time on. You should give more time to your hobbies so that you become more efficient at them. New experiences can help you in discovering your true creative passion and bring out the best in you as well.

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