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These days, it is almost impossible to find a student who isn’t connected to any social media platforms. The network of social websites that connects people is spread almost in every corner of the world. So regardless of the nationality, creed, race, or cultural background one can be friends with anyone he/she wants. This facility of reaching out to people and sharing thoughts with them has revolutionized the world of communication. There are various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., that have billions of users. But have you ever wondered how this all started? If yes, then you’ll find this blog quite helpful. We bring you all the necessary information that you need to know about the history and evolution of social media.

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How it all began?

It was around the year 1996 that computer users just started to get the hang of the Internet and the only mode of global communication via it was the e-mail. Despite all the complexities people found it helpful, the only drawback was that it didn’t offer features like messaging and video chat. Also, you can’t share media or graphics conveniently. Thus, an idea began to create a stir called social connectivity which gave opportunity to connect to people world over.

First ever social media

Soon after the stir, came a site called ‘Six Degrees.’ It allowed all the users to sign up by generating a profile page under their name. Additionally, you can befriend other users who use the same website, and can chat with them via the messaging service. This was the first social network.

The global Internet boom

Riding high on the success of one such website, all the communication service providers decided to launch a drive that made people aware of the Internet and its benefits. Countries and cities soon got connectivity to a high-speed network through international servers that allowed people to get internet access even in the remote areas. This was the foreground for the boom that was about to occur.

Facebook and Twitter

The Internet has already spread its roots all over the world, and now it was time for software giants to play their cards. Almost for a period of four to five years many social connectivity tools came and faded out but none was able to cement a strong foothold but then came Facebook. An all new website that had absolutely different and better features than any other network and provided an improvised way to connect to people and share other things. A couple of years later came Twitter where users could express their thoughts regarding any recent event through a text that can be seen by all the other members. Twitter became a sensation amongst the celebrity world. Both the websites received a global appreciation and pioneered the entire social networking trend.

Current status

As much as half of the current global population is now connected to social networks and it’s increasing with every passing day. Besides Facebook and Twitter, a few more tools came in that have managed to garner substantial usership. The social media plays a significant role in marketing as well but all in all it has brought the world even closer.

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