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Finally, 2017 is about to end, and we all will be welcoming 2018 with joy and celebrations. You might also be excited about the parties that you will be attending or hosting. If you are attending a party organized by a friend, then you just need to plan a few things such as your dress, gifts, etc. But, if you are the host of the party, then you have to deal with a number of tasks, e.g., food, decorations, invites, guest list, games, and much more. You are required to handle all the work perfectly because you want your friends to have a great time. You don’t want them to get bored and your party to be dull. So to ensure this, the best way is to plan some interesting and fun games that can involve all the guests.  

To lighten you off this load, we are suggesting you some of the games that you can play with everyone:

1. Guess the resolution

This is a familiar game that you might have played the previous year too. But, you can add a twist to make it more interesting. This game can be played in different ways:

  • Ask guests to write their names and three resolutions on a slip of paper out of which only one is true and other two are fake. Mix all the chits in a bowl. Later, you can ask others to pick one slip from the same bowl and guess the fake and true ones. If you want to make it more difficult, then don’t ask them to write the names and the person has to guess the name also.
  • Ask all the guests to write their names and one resolution on a slip and keep them with you. Now, make pairs and tell them to guess and write each other resolutions.

2. Pictionary

No matter how many times one has played this game, you enjoy it equally every single time. Some of your friends might even be experts in this while others novice, but this is one of the best pass times in all the parties. You just need a whiteboard, paper slips, and markers. Write popular idioms, phrases, songs, countries on slips and mix them. Divide the guests into two teams, and each member has to come and draw pictures on the board without uttering a word. Rest of the members of the same team have to guess what is written on the paper. The team with maximum points wins.

3. Match the songs

This is another enjoyable game for your friends. You need to write popular songs or quotes from movies and music albums. You can even include the sixties and seventies songs and quotes too if you want to make it little difficult. Then divide the guests into teams, or they can play individually. Take out one slip, and they have to guess the artist or movie of the song. It can also be played as a buzzer game where the first one to press the buzzer will get the chance to answer first.

4. Past charades

This game would give a small flashback of all the major events that took place in this year. Divide the guests into two teams and one person from each team has to come one by one and enact the incidents or news of the year. It can be something related to you and your friends or news related to your country, famous personalities, etc.

5. Crazy noisemakers

The best part of New Year’s eve is the fire-cracker works and delightful cheer that we see at midnight. We all love it. This game adds more fun to the moment. Ask all your guests to bring with them one unusual and crazy noisemaker. As soon as the clock ticks twelve, compose your symphony with these noisemakers and the one with the loudest and unique sound would win.

New Year’s parties are meant to be fun and interesting where you welcome the coming year with the hope of success and happiness ahead. So we wish you all the luck for your party and new year.

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