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Homeschooled students are often thought to be inferior to their formal schooling counterparts, but the truth is, they are no less competitive in college and in the real world. In fact, some of the famous people in business, sports, entertainment, science, politics, and literature were homeschooled. Just check out our list of five of the most famous and successful people who got educated at their homes:

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of USA, widely regarded as one of the greatest presidents in the U.S. History had come from humble roots. Lincoln lived in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky and attended 18 months of formal school. He mostly taught himself under the guidance of his stepmother Sarah Bush Johnston and the local library.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

The Indian mathematician famous for his substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, infinite series, number theory, and continued fraction had not received any formal education at school. His parents gave him a math textbook on advanced trigonometry when he was just eleven years old. He decided to learn comprehensively from that book, and then he derived sophisticated theorems all by himself. Later he attended college but flunked because it was hard to focus on classes of arts, history, and fungus biology as he was working on mathematical theorems. Once he had worked on a number of theorems, he started sending them off to various important mathematicians living in India and England. Almost every time his work was rejected and returned without comment. Other times, the mathematicians on the receiving end had no idea what they were looking at because these were equations that were unknown to the world till then. Finally, when a professor at Cambridge University saw the theorems, he recognised his work and invited Ramanujan to England. Today, his formulas have found implication in everything from String Theory to Crystallography.

Albert Einstein

One of the most genius physicists of all time, Albert Einstein discovered the special and general theories of relativity, relativistic cosmology, quantum theory of atomic motion in solid. Born in 1879 in Germany, Einstein lived with his family in Munich, where he attended a Catholic school. But when he was ten, his family's financial circumstances became worse, and they could not afford money for schooling, so they hired a Jewish medical student named Talmud to tutor Albert in math, science, and philosophy.

Venus and Serena Williams

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams have won championships and tournaments like the US Open, Sony Ericsson Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon, sometimes more than once. When they were young, their family moved from Saginaw, Mich., to Compton and then West Palm Beach, CA, where they were homeschooled by their father, Richard Williams. Until they were teenagers, the girls were coached at home under Rick Macci, but in 1995, their father took over their tennis training too.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright who designed some of the well-known buildings in the USA, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York City as well as popular homes constructed in the Usonian style, was another self-educated man who did not receive any formal education in architecture. When he was young, his mother who was a trained teacher brought home Froebel Gifts, special building blocks designed to help children learn building designing on their own. Wright taught himself using these tools and eventually attended high school, but it is not known whether or not he graduated. He enrolled in the University of Wisconsin – Madison but dropped out after one year.

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