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Self-actualisation is a common trait among all successful people. As per eminent psychologist Maslow, self-actualisation is the need to fulfil one’s true potential. With the amount of external pressure we all receive in this age, a person needs are no longer his/her own. With an abundance of influence coming from parents, peers, television, and social media, it has become quite tough to realise one's actual aims- the things that you want to achieve. Adopting a self-actualised mind does not happen overnight. To help you develop this trait, we have given a few simple tips:

1) Compete with yourself, not other

Most of us compare our progress with those around us. This habit gives a sense of failure and unnecessary stress. We suggest you to avoid doing this; instead, you should compete with yourself. Try to improve your work efficiency and personality every day. If you start doing this, you will rightly be on your way to become self-actualised.

2) Try to be self-analytical instead of self-critical

Self-actualised people never criticize themselves; rather they accept their weaknesses and try to improve every day. Although they try to overcome their personality flaws, they never condemn themselves for not being perfect. So, to become self-actualized, it’s important that you stop looking down on yourself. Remember self-criticism is more vicious than the external ones.

3) Live out your passion

This is a very common and important milestone in the path to self-actualisation. By doing things that excite you or you are passionate about, there is a possibility that you are more likely to connect with your inner self. Moreover, this path also welcomes success as if you are doing what keeps you happy, then it will ultimately give better results.

4) Hold an abundance mindset

Most folks feel that it is hard to create resources, ideas, and energy. But, self-actualized people do not think like this, and they hold an abundance mindset. These individuals recognize the infinite and abundant source of wisdom and creativity that springs out from being connected to the internal mind, soul, or nature.

5) Eliminate fear of failing

We all face hindrance on the way to our goals, but most people succumb to them and stop from playing further. On the other hand, a self-actualized person learns from each failure which helps them become more strategic in their work. So, instead of surrendering to failures or obstacles, utilize them for betterment.

6) Never be satisfied with current success

Self-actualised individuals feel that life is about growing better every day. They do not feel content with one victory and rather keep on growing day by day while accepting new challenges. So, in order to know your true worth, do not stop by merely achieving a few targets; rather be determined to get more success.

7) Make your decisions on your own

Self-actualised people never let others influence their decisions and follow their wit. It’s tough to eradicate external influences, but if you have already started practicing the above tips, then it will become easy to gain control over your own mind.

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