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Animated characters have been loved by everyone ever since the first animated film “Humorous Phases of Funny Faces” came in 1906. Children love these dramatis personae for their funny and enthusiastic nature, while adults like their interesting and vigorous dialogues. Over the years, especially in the 90s, we were blessed with so many TV cartoon shows and Hollywood hits that gave us some of the most legendary superheroes. What made us love these characters is the fact that they are brave, intelligent, and saviour. Here is a list of the best animated characters of all time:


He-man is the epic character of a series of comic books and television shows of the past two decades. He is the alter ego of Prince Adam, the royal prince Eternia, who is a lazy person. Prince Adam transforms into He-man through the powers of the Castle Grayskull, a magical fortress located on the planet Eternia. Prince Adan also has a pet tiger named Cringer who converts into the Battle Cat. He-man is characterized by super speed, indestructible skin, and superhuman strength. He often demonstrated his strength by lifting mountains and throwing them towards the desired target. He-man and Battle Cat together defended their realm against all enemies.


Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane, Batman is a fictional superhero who firstly appeared in American comic books published in 1939. Originally named "Bat-Man," this super hero is also referred to as the Dark Knight, Caped Crusader, the Defender of Gotham, and the World's Greatest Detective. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy American businessman and philanthropist. After witnessing the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne swore vengeance against criminals. He trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired persona to fight crime. Batman also happens to drive the coolest car among comic heroes- the Batmobile.

Captain America

Created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Captain America became famous since his first appearance in Marvel Comics during 1941. Captain America tugs at the patriotic heartstrings of every individual and is one of the most popular heroes ever. He is featured as a brave soldier who fought the Axis powers of World War II. He wears a costume that bears the American flag’s motif and is armed with an indestructible shield that he throws at enemies.


Superman is one of the overpowered superheroes created so far who is famous for his unique costume that assists him in flying. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster in 1933, who were then high school students living in Ohio. They sold their creation to Detective Comics published during 1938. The story of Superman narrates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as a child by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's catastrophic destruction. Discovered and adopted by a farmer couple from Kansas, he is raised with love and care. He displays various superhuman abilities, which he used for the benefit of humanity.


Spider-man is a fictional character that first appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was co-created by writers Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The duo conceived the character as an orphan being raised by his uncle Ben and aunt May in New York City after his parents were killed in a plane crash. Spider-man possesses super strength and ability to cling most surfaces by using his wrist-mounted device that assists in creating spider webs. He also owns the ability to react to danger quickly with his "spider-sense," enabling him to combat his foes.

These were some of the best animated heroes who are famous for their unique powers as a fighter and saviour. Reading or watching their series will make you feel delighted and motivated.

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