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Every student aims to find a perfect and suitable job for themselves. It may be for basic pocket money, to get knowledge about a specific industry. But the challenge is how to find that dream job. Many career consultancies help you to find a job according to your qualification but nowadays, the Internet has become the best source for job search including internships and part-time. They are also useful for people migrating from other countries or coming for a short period to get professional experiences.

If you are also seeking a job, then we are providing you the list of top seven career/job sites in Australia:


It was founded in 1997, but its website along with its headquarters came into being in March 1998. It is the most popular job site in Australia with over 30 million people visiting it on a monthly basis and contributes to 70% of all online job ads. It also provides online training and work across New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and many more countries. In 2013 and 2014, it was credited with 26% of total job placement of the Australia.

2. MyCareer

Launched in 1999, MyCareer is part of The Age newspaper and Fairfax family group. This is another popular site to help you find a job. You can search for the vacancy depending on location, sector, salary, and other classifications on it. It also provides tools like salary calculator, skill-based job recommendation, resume builder, etc.

3. Australian JobSearch

JobSearch was initiated by the Australian government and is one of the top free online job sites. It provides services for small companies and employees looking for short-term or contract work along with the government jobs which are being advertised regularly here. You can find the job according to keywords, occupation, postcode, location, etc. It also provides apprenticeship and training in various other fields as well.

4. Glassdoor

Unlike other sites, along with the jobs, this one provides you with the company reviews, benefits reviews, salary reports, etc., which is uniquely designed to assist the seekers to research about the various companies. Here, information is shared by the employees themselves.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site available as a website and mobile App which is mainly used for professional networking. Employers can post the jobs available in company and seekers can post their CVs. As on April 2017, it has 106 million active members out of 500 million users in 200 countries. It helps you to create profiles and connections with colleagues and employers.

6. Gumtree

In this site, you cannot upload your resume but can get the contact number of various employers and directly contact them. It includes multiple industries like the health, sales, construction, etc. It is one of the most popular sites which provides thousands of classifieds across Australia.

7. GradConnection

It provides hundreds of jobs and internship programs for graduates and also student jobs to search from. You can update your graduate profile or use their resume generator tool to build your CV so that the employers can find you easily.

Well, these were the top websites for seeking jobs in various sectors including retail, education, government institutions, and private banks, and many more. Finding a perfect job is like a dream come true and we hope the above list can help you to fulfil that.

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