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Olympic symbols hold a significance behind them, which in one way or the other draws you closer to the principles of humanity. The morals that are inculcated within these symbols relate to achieving day-to-day goals with the same enthusiasm, especially for students who can adapt the lessons hidden behind them.

Below are the interesting facts about the symbols that hold a special mention in the games of Olympics. Read further to know the story behind them:

The Rings

The five different coloured rings that symbolise the Olympics, represent the five continents viz., Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania. The interesting part about the colours of these rings that comprise of black, blue, red, green, and yellow is that they form a part of the flags of all the participating nations.

Developed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1912, the rings still happen to be an important part of the games. A noticeable aspect of these rings is that they unite the nations of the world and emphasise on the spirit of participation rather than just aiming to win medals.

The Mascots

The Mascots usually represent the native animals or human figures of the host country. These were first introduced during the Winter Olympics held in France during 1968, and the legacy has been maintained.

Rio Olympics 2016 have Vinicius and Tom as the mascots. The mascots are an indication of the respect for the culture and heritage of a specific country. They mainly symbolise the spirit of patriotism and the love for one’s nation.

The Motto

Citius, Altius, Fortius is the motto given to the Olympic committee by Pierre de Coubertin in 1984 during its formation. It refers to Faster-Higher-Stronger. Although, every organising country holds a different motto every single year, the core motto has remained unchanged.

The motto encourages the general people as well, and pushes them to move ahead in life and reach their goals. The ongoing Olympics represent the essence of building ‘A new world.’ 

The Flame and Torch Relay

Interestingly, the flames are initially lit on a torch, months before the games start and is brought from Greece to the Olympic venue. It is then passed on to the baton that represents the ongoing games. The relay is then carried forward by the leaders, athletes, celebrities, etc., around the stadium.  

The flame is the symbol of the fire that was stolen from the ancient Greek god Zeus by Prometheus. It is said that this flame never goes out and depicts the enduring spirit of life and the games as a whole.

 Students too need to keep going ahead in life just like the Olympics games which impart new experiences and discover new places each time. Above all, they bind the different cultures around the world with equal respect.

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