Thank you for considering ausassignmenthelp (“AUS Assignment Help”),  an online Australian assignment consultancy and writing service provider. We are pleased to welcome you to our family. We promise to offer you optimal satisfaction by providing excellent quality writing assistance. However, we would request you to read our Terms and Conditions of services before placing an order with us.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following document (“Terms & Conditions”) carefully before using any of the services provided by AUS Assignment Help. When you place an order with the company, it shall be assumed that you have read all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page, and you agree with all of them.


In this agreement, a few words are used for standardized meaning, an explanation of which is given below-

  • “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company”, or “Website” refers to
  • “You”, “Yours”, “Customer”, “Client” refers to the user of services provided by
  • “Writer” refers to the person who is assigned to complete a writing order.
  • “Order” refers to the electronic request placed by a customer of which he or she has made the payment.
  • “Quality Assurance Team” refers to the Company’s department that ensures the quality of the work.

This terminology applies to this page and other service related agreements namely “Cancellation Policy”, “Refund Policy”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Guarantees”. Any capitalization modification shall not alter the meaning of the term, unless otherwise stated.

1. Terms of Use

  • The editing and writing services you receive from us can be utilized only by you for your academic and personal purpose. And the commercialized use of the documents prepared by us shall be considered a breach of contract.
  • Without a formal consent from us, you are not allowed to transfer any of the document prepared by our writers, for any purpose.
  • The content and information available on this website is copyrighted, and you are not permitted to distribute, display, or republish the same.
  • The company gives you complete ownership rights with each delivered paper. However, if you are using those documents for the purpose of assignment submission, you are required to detail the appropriate citations.
  • We assume that the papers we deliver to you are going to be used for references and study purpose. If you use the same for any other intention, including but not limited to resale and/or sales promotion, the contract shall be terminated instantly, you being liable for the breach.
  • It is agreed upon by both the parties that as soon as the order is accepted and the payment made, the user is entitled for the order (s)he has made the payment for.

2. Limitations of Liability

  • We will make all the possible attempts to ensure smooth computing experience while operating on our website. However, we shall not accept any claim for loss or damage of data on your PC, simply because it had happened while the user was accessing our website.
  • We shall not entertain any grievances regarding interrupted or delayed access of our website.
  • We reserve all the rights of blocking or suspending the access to our website for maintenance, repair, or updation purpose.
  • We take no responsibility for the failure in accessing our website, the reasons of which are beyond our control.
  • We offer only assignment writing assistance to the students. The services we provide are of completely subjective nature, and hence, we are by no means responsible for students’ final assessment results.

In the case of a customer has a grievance, (s)he should file a complaint within the seven days of the delivery of the paper. Company ensures 24/7 availability for the purpose of grievance handling. However, if the customer does not raise any issue whatsoever within the stipulated time-period, the company has all the rights to assume that it was a completely satisfied sale. No complaints shall then be entertained.

3. Delivery Policy

  • The customer is entitled to receive his/her order on or before the date mentioned in the order now form.
  • In case the company fails to deliver the whole project on-time, the customer can claim for 100% refund.
  • Once the client has filed the claim for refund, the company is liable for early reimbursement. However, it shall be assumed that application clears all the criteria of the company’s refund policy.

4. Zero Plagiarism Policy

  • Company shall never deliver entirely copied (plagiarized) content to the customer.
  • If the company sends documents that contain more plagiarism than what is acceptable by university standards, the user can claim for the unlimited free revisions.
  • If company sends plagiaristic papers and there is no time left for further revisions, the customer is entitled for a complete refund.
  • No fraudulent claims shall be entertained on the count of plagiarism.
  • Company is responsible for offering research material for writing assistance, when the customer has made payment for it. However, if (s)he uses the documents for academic submission, then it is mandatory to mention proper references.

5. Data Protection Policy

  • Company takes the responsibility of not allowing any unauthorized access to the customers’ confidential information. However, the company shall not be liable for any leakage of information from the user’s end.
  • Company shall not share personal details with any third-party for whatsoever purpose.
  • The company uses reliable payment gateways, all the channels of which are completely secured. The financial transactions shall always remain confidential.
  • Company promises never to use the customers’ contact information for sales promotion or marketing purpose.
  • All other related clauses shall be resolved in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.

6. Warranty of Data

When a customer places an order with the company, it shall be assumed that all the data provided by him/her is completely accurate.
The customer shall mention the particular citation style (AMA, APA, CGEL, CMOS, MLA, MHRA, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian) to be used in his/her paper. If not explicitly mentioned, writers are allowed to use the styling guidelines with their own discretion on the basis of nationality defined.
Once the company delivers a paper, it shall be removed from the database. And if afterwards customers ask for a copy of the same, company shall not be liable to offer the same.
Customer/user can anytime unsubscribe the update notifications, the request of which was already generated by the customer.
All the facts and researched information added in the documents shall be cited properly by the writers.

7. Modifications in Terms & Conditions

The company reserves all the rights of appending and modulating the policies, terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the users to keep themselves updated with the changes. In addition to that, the company also reserves the sole right of terminating the whole or a part of the agreement. However, the company promises not to alter any of the conditions to harm the interests of the customers.

The changes in terms & conditions are relatively rare, and the only reason such changes are implemented is the improvement in the services. The terms of the latest agreement between the users and the company will override all the former agreement conditions.

Note: All of these terms & conditions will take effect as soon as the order is accepted by both the parties (the company and the customer), and the payment has been made. Both the parties will then be subjected to this agreement, without any exception, unless decided upon by their mutual consent.

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