Sales’ planning is defined as the assessment of the current sales of the product as well as services in a particular region or market. It is defined as the statement of sales objectives and strategies that can be used for the achievement of the pre-determined organizational goals in an effective manner (Estampe and et. al., 2013). In the present report, sales’ planning has been discussed with reference to Asda. The study entails to understand the elements of the product in a business as well as service context. In addition to this, it also includes external sales development techniques. Moreover, the study involves tools and techniques of internal sales promotion as well as merchandising. Lastly, it evaluates the role of staff in maximizing sales.


a) Key components of product and ways in which product mix contributes to sales and profit

It has been determined that product is defined as the offering made that can in tangible or intangible form. This has been believed that the decisions regarding product for Asda is focused on designing as well as building consumable elements of goods, services and ideas. There are three major components of product. These have been enumerated as such:

Core benefits: This includes the main benefit that is derived by the customer from the consumption or purchase of product in an effective manner. The decision regarding purchasing of Asda product is made by the customer for the purpose of satisfying their needs. The core benefits are being offered by the product itself (Suttle, 2015). For instance, through the purchase of floor cleaner, the customer can clean the floor in an efficient manner. This results in gaining initial benefit from the product that includes the purpose from which it has been made.

Actual product: The core benefit is being provided with the components that have been used in making the actual product. This actual product includes the consumable product. It is the major product, service, and idea that are being bought by the customer. For instance, the toothpaste might come in package that assists in dispensing it effectively. In this case, the consumable product is paste that is put on the tooth brush. The decision regarding actual product is based on different factors that includes features of product, branding, labeling and packaging.

Augmented product: It includes the additional value that is provided to the customers while making decision regarding purchase (Young and, 2008). These items are critical in strengthening the decision regarding purchase. Augmented product includes items such as guarantee, warranty, customer service, accessibility as well as complementary products.

Product mix is referred to as product assortment that is the total number of product line that is provided by Asda to its customers. The dimensions of product mix include width, depth, and length plus product consistency. These factors greatly contribute towards maximizing the sales as well as product of the organization. Width is defined as the number of product line that Asda offers for sale to customers. With large width, the company can diversify its market which would result in increasing its customer base and leads to increase in sales and profitability. Product mix length is referred to as total products of Asda. This has greater impact in determining the survival of business. The number of variations that is made in each product is defined as product depth (Ferrell, 2012). If Asda develops similar product in varied forms to satisfy the needs of customers who are belonging to different background then this would have impact on its sales as well as profitability. Consistency defines how closely related product lines are from one another. This enables the customers to make judgment regarding the decision for purchase.

b) Assessment of ways in which market segmentation contributes towards maximization of sales

Market segmentation is defined as the strategy under marketing. In this, the broad target market is divided into subsets of consumers, countries as well as businesses. The market is categorized in accordance with the similar needs of the customer, their interest and products that are being perceived by them. There is a greater contribution of market segmentation in maximizing the sales of Asda to a significant level (FitzHugh and Piercy, 2010). With segmentation, the company can focus on particular segment and can offer quality product to them in accordance with their needs. Thus, this results in increasing the sales of the product as they are able to satisfy the customer’s requirement along with offering value to them. Customer can be retained through segmentation as they are provided with specialized services (Gemma, 2015). Thus, it creates image of the brand in the market which results in enhancing the sales of Asda in an effective manner.


a) Factors affecting buying behaviour

Consumer behaviour is defined as the selection, purchase as well as consumption of product in order to provide satisfaction to their requirements. There is existence of various factors that affects the buying behaviour of the customers to a greater extent. These have been presented in the manner below:

Cultural factors: The behaviour of the customers is greatly influenced by cultural factors that include subculture, culture of buyer as well as social class. Culture is referred as part of every society that is essential cause of person wants and behaviour. The impact of culture on the buyer pattern of customers varies from one country to another (The 4 factors influencing consumer behaviour, 2015). Thus, Asda is required to analyze the culture of various regions, countries as well as groups so that appropriate goods can be offered to them in accordance with their requirements. Culture also includes nationalities, geographic region as well as racial groups. For this, the marketers can segment the market into smaller groups so that their needs can be satisfied in an effective manner.

Social factors: This includes those factors such as reference groups, family, role and status that have huge impact on the buying behaviour of the customers. The role of reference group can be greatly viewed in developing attitude as well as behaviour within a person. Reference groups are also known as opinion leaders who influence the behaviour of others as they possessed specialized skills and knowledge (Wood, Reiners and Srivastava, 2013). There is a greater impact of role and status in affecting the behaviour of the customers to a significant level. The different roles that are played by an individual influence the buying behaviour.

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Personal factors: The important personal factors that affect the buying behaviour of the customers include age, occupation, economic situation, life style as well as personality. With the passage of time, the needs of customers changes to a greater extent. For instance, the occupation of the customers has huge impact on the buying pattern (Wortzel, 2015). If an individual is at lower level then his needs would be different from an individual at higher level. The personality of person changes from time to time and depends on situation. Thus, it is essential for Asda to consider such factors while developing product to gain effective position in the market.

Psychological factors: It is comprised of the factors such as motivation, perception, beliefs and attitudes. Every individual possess varied set of needs such as biological, social as well as physiological. Thus, these have impact on the buying behaviour of the customers (Gray, 2007). The buyers have certain belief as well as attitudes that develops image of brand and influences the behaviour of customer. Thus, Asda needs to analyze such in order to increase its customer base as well as sales in the market.

b) Assessment of advertising media that could be used for sales development

Advertising media is referred as the different means that can be used in order to communicate the promotional message to the public in an effective manner. This might make use of words, speech as well as pictures. The various means with which adverting can be done includes billboards, magazines, television, newspaper, radio as well as internet. The various means that can be used by Asda for developing its sales have been enumerated below:

Television advertising: This means of advertising is effective in reaching large number of customers in a single exposure. This medium is advantageous in creating awareness among the customers so that they can demand for the product. As a result with the satisfaction of need the sales of Asda will be developed in an appropriate way.

Print publications advertising: It includes promotion through newspaper, magazines as well as special issues publications. This means offers great deal of opportunity to the marketers in presenting the message through superior quality imagery. Further it also provides touch and scent related experiences (FitzHugh and Piercy, 2007). In addition to this newspaper provides color advertisements which offer advantage to the target local market. Thus by creating awareness the customers will be persuaded to purchase the product and this leads to development of sales.

Radio advertising: Promotion with the use of radio is viable for long years. This kind of advertising is mostly used at local level to broadcast the message to specific geographical location

c) Evaluation of the use of external merchandising to maximize customer volumes

Merchandising is the key to the success of the retail firms such as Asda. It is referred to as the arrangement of product in physical as well as online store for the purpose of maximizing sales. The main aim of merchandising is to close the sales after advertising. This is in order to persuade customers towards the store. With the assistance of sound merchandising the process of selling becomes easier (Honey, Ford and Simintiras, 2003). Further it improves the buying experience of the customers and increases the sales of the organization. The main technique of merchandising involves displaying. This includes clean display, well stocked shelves, prominent featuring items for promotion and ample aisle space etc. Visual merchandising deals with design of the exterior of store. Further it includes layout of store's interior. This involves display, window dressings, lightning, textures, flooring, props, store layout, floor plans as well as colors etc. These have huge impact on the sales of Asda. It is because it creates attraction for the customers which results in persuading them towards purchase. The role of ambiance and convenience offered at the store has huge impact on the buying behaviour of the customers. It is important that customers are provided with value for the purchase of product.

Exterior design of the store provides view regarding the type as well as quality of the store. Interior store layout begins with allocation of space. Selling space has an imperative role as it states the area that is allocated for display, merchandising as well as conduction of transaction. Seating arrangement at the store and other related factors are considered by the customers while making repeated purchase. It is essential that Asda needs to offer greater convenience to the clients so that they are attracted towards the product. This enhances the customers volume with effectiveness.


a) Assessment of influence of design and layout on customer spending

It has been determined that there is greater influence of design as well as layout on the customer spending. By offering sound environment to the customers for purchasing they can be offered with greater convenience. This results in making the customers feel satisfied as they get value for the money that is being spend by them (Wilson and, 2012). The environment of the store, physical surrounding of store is comprised of elements such as music, lightning, layout as well as directional signage. The design of the store that is the way in which the things are kept in the store as per the requirement of target market attracts the people to a significant level. If the customers are satisfied with the layout then they would make the purchase of the product in an effective manner. This is because when greater convenience is offered to customers then they are attracted towards the purchase of the product. Thus such increases their spending and it is increases the sales and profitability of Asda. It is essential for the company to develop their stores in accordance with the needs of the customers so that they can effectively attracts the target audience. The display and the design of the product at stores needs to be effective in providing satisfaction to the customers (Grimson and Pyke, 2007). This is in terms that the customers feels that they are offered with value for the money that is spent by them. In contrast to this if the design and layout of the store is not effective then such would have an adverse impact on the spending of the customers. This is because with this the customers of Asda might not get the things that are desired by them. It is essential that similar type of products needs to be placed together so that customers visiting the store can make comparison of the products. This would assist them in getting the product according to their need.

b) Review and evaluation of effectiveness of internal merchandising materials

Internal merchandising is referred to as the strategies that are designed for the purpose of increasing rate of occupancy. Further this increases the profitability of the firms like Asda. Under this the company can look towards packaging of the product so that they are able to attract large number of customers to a significant level (Verhoef, 2009). The internal labeling and outlook of the product has significant impact on the buying behaviour of the customers. Such results in increasing the sales as well as profitability of the customers. In case of children's product the role of packaging plays an important role as they are persuaded towards the product only when it is appealing. This results in increasing its importance for the sake of enhancing the profitability of the business (Grinyak, Mozharovskii and Degtyarev, 2011). It is essential for the company to give importance to the packaging as well as visual appearance of the product so that this can create sound image of the brand in the market for long term. There is increasing effectiveness of merchandising in improving the profitability of the organization. Thus with this the company is able to gain loyalty of the customers in an effective manner.

c) Evaluation of different promotional activities according to different scenarios

Product promotion is an important part of marketing that assist in making the customers aw are about the brand. There are different ways which can be used by Asda in order to promote its products and services in an effective manner. These have been evaluated in the following manner:

Contests: This promotional tool is frequently used by the companies in order to promote the product in the market. The main aim behind this is to put the logo as well as name of the brand in front of the public (Tavares Thomé and, 2012). By sponsoring the contest Asda can bring attention of the product without overtness of company. This technique has greater role in creating awareness of the brand in the market place in order to persuade the customers towards purchasing.


Social media: The websites of social media includes Facebook as well as Google+. It offers an opportunity to the company to make promotion of the product and services in a relaxed manner. This is strong means that enables direct marketing. It is effective in establishing connection with the customers across the world. Thus the company can gain potential to attract large number of customers. This thereby results in increasing the sales as well as profitability of the business to a significant level.

Product giveaways: In this promotional strategy the company like Asda that is major retailer provides sample of the new products to the customers. This is majorly in case of food and household products. It is concerned with making people gain insight to the use of the products (Hoyer and Maclnnis, 2012). This with the satisfaction through this they would later make purchase of product and services in the future course of time.

Mail order marketing: This is referred to as another major strategy. It is important that the customers who are visiting the store needs not be overlooked. The intention of the customers who are visit the store is in relation to purchase. It is important for the company to gain information from the customers who come to store. This is regarding their perception on the use of product (Oliva and Watson, 2011). Under this the firms like Asda can offer free product and service in exchange of information. Such customers are aware of the brand and they reflects the target market to whom the new product can be marketed.

Branded promotional gifts: With the assistance of this the customers can be effectively persuaded towards the product. Under this the company offers gifts to the clients so that the promotion of the brand can be made. This results in increasing the sales as well as profitability of the company to a significant level. Further it would assist Asda in attaining sound position in the market that would results in enhancing its market share.


a) Evaluating personal selling techniques

Personal selling is referred to as promotional technique under which one party build effective relationship with another by making use of potential skills as well as knowledge. It involves personal contact (Krush and, 2013). It takes place through face to face meeting or with telephonic conversations. It also makes use of advanced technologies that provides opportunity to the company in making contact with the customers through internet or video conferencing or text messaging. There is existence of different personal selling techniques that can be used by Asda in order to make promotion of the product. It includes sales calls, internet selling, entertaining as well as telephone selling. These methods have been enumerated in the following manner:

Sales calls: Under this technique the firm can make local sales calls in order make the customer aware about the new product. It is important for the retail firm like Asda to set target about the number of calls that can be made per week. High call rates will increase the business for the firm (Kumar and Srivastava, 2014). Through calling the company can increase the base of customers by attracting new customers. Further cold calling can be done in order to attract old customers. This is with the view to make them loyal towards the brand.

Internet selling: It is another major technique of personal selling. In this the products and services are marketed by Asda online. The features, prices and several other attributes elated to products are disclosed on website (Lyus, Rogers and Simms, 2008). This is for the purpose of making customers aware of the product in an effective manner. Thus it also allows the customers to make comparison of the product with other brand. Here, the customer can place order online and he gets the delivery within specified period of time. This provides greater convenience to customers as they are able to get product with minimal efforts.

Entertaining: This kind of personal selling strategy can be used at initial stage when the products is being launched. Here, the company invites the customers to visits the launch and there they offers them with sample of products (Longnecker, 2011). This is for the purpose of creating awareness about the product and its use. Asda can use such while launching new product in the market.

Telephone selling: Under this, the selling is done by the company on telephone (Li and, 2014). It is provided that the sales person of the company do not disturb the customers rather it is important to convenience them so that they might nit out the call down without responding.

b) Influence of operational design on sales revenue

The role of operational design is significant in affecting the sales revenue of Asda. The extent to which the innovation can made by the company in the existing product line affects the decisions of buyers. This further affects the profitability as well as sales of the organization to a significant level (Kerzner, 2013). It is essential for the company to pay attention to the technological advancement so that superior quality products can be offered to the customers in an effective manner. This might increase the sales of the company as the needs of the firm is fulfilled to a greater extend. Operational design includes the procedure that increases the attractiveness of the product in the mind of target market. With this the customer are attracted towards that brand and thus this results in increasing the sales of the company.

c) Key principle that should be included in sales training programme

Sales training programme is offered to the employees so that they can behave in specific manner while providing information regarding the product to the customers. It is important for the business like Asda to organize such training programmes in order to update knowledge of the personnel towards the product. Moreover this build ability in them to represent the organization in an effective manner. There is greater role of sales training programme in increasing the sales of the business to a significant level (Johnston and Marshall, 2013). This is because it enhances the skills of employees regarding the ways the customers can be convinced towards purchasing of the product. There is existence of certain key principle that needs to be fulfilled by the company while designing sales training programme. It is important that company needs to organize training programmes at varied levels in the organization so as to enhance their skills for selling. In addition to this firm is required to carry out the examination of employees in terms they are able to make delivery of appropriate knowledge to the customers about the product (Leon, 2014). Further the company should offer training to the personnel regarding ways they needs to behave and respond to the complaints that are being made by the customers.


It can be concluded from the study that there is product lix elements are important in increasing the sales as well as profits of the organization to a significant level. It has been inferred from the report that market segmentation is effective in maximizing the sales of the company as with this the firm can divide the entire segment into homogeneous groups thus this results in satisfaction of customers needs. There is existence of different factors that have impact on the behaviour of buyer. Thus it is essential for the business to develop product in accordance with the demand of the customers. It has been inferred that through promotional activities that company can create awareness about the brand in the market. This enhances it brand image and survival of the company for longer term.


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