The Refund Policy of AUS Assignment Help

At AUS Assignment Help, we strive to offer excellent services. All our guarantees constitute to improve the level of services, and the 100% cash-back guarantee we provide is not an exception to that. It is possible, though highly improbable, that we fail to offer complete satisfaction to our customers. In such cases, we give them the right to claim a refund for the whole of the deposited amount. However, there are some provisions that formulate the criteria of our refund policy, which every customer of ours MUST know about, before making any such appeal.

  • If a customer is not satisfied with our work even after several free revision processes, then (s)he is entitled to-
  1. To have his/her work assigned to a different writer for successful completion.
  2. To claim the complete refund.
  • If a client is charged twice, accidentally, AUS Assignment Help will be liable to return the erroneously charged amount, with immediate effect.
  • If a customer finds the quality of the paper delivered by us, poor and not to the promised level, (s)he can claim for the absolute refund.
  • If we fail to deliver the paper before or the stipulated deadline, we are liable to repay the whole of the deposited amount.
  • If the paper provided by us contains plagiarism more than what is acceptable by the university standards, the customer can claim for the complete refund.
  • If the delivered paper does not meet with the specifications mentioned in the order now form, the customer can request for the full refund.
  • If you do not receive the appropriate and timely response from our customer care executives, we shall be liable for repayment.
  • If the customer wishes to get a complete refund by cancelling the order, the case shall be resolved in accordance with our cancellation policy.
  • If we do not comply with any of the guarantees mentioned on our website, including the unlimited free revisions, you shall be entitled to receive a full reimbursement from us.

Our refund policy complies with all the cases mentioned above. And in case there is some confusion, we request all our customers to clear the same by contacting our customer care team. Our refund policy is very clear and legally justifiable. However, if there are any disputes, we try to resolve it through an arbitration process. And in case the customer communicate the situation without notifying us, it will be considered as a breach of the contract.

Important Note:

If a customer wants to obtain an absolute refund, (s)he will have to apply for the same within seven days of the successful delivery of the order. The Quality Assurance department of AUS Assignment Help possess all rights to make the final decision regarding refund, in cases of quality related claims.

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