It has been seen that competition in the domestic market of UK is increasing day by day in the retail market and especially in the pharmacy because many companies are coming in the country because of the favorable environment (Weber, 2010). It has become very important for companies to expand their business in different continents so that they can not only increase their profits, but also increase the market share in the most appropriate manner.

The boots company Plc. is one of the leading retailers in the UK, in addition to being one of the most major manufacturers and the marketer of cosmetics, toiletries and non-prescription drugs. It has its stores in more than 2250 locations all around the globe and produces almost 400 products every year (, 2015). The main vision of the company is to become the first choice of people in terms of pharmacy, well-being and beauty. The company also wants to care people and communities all around the globe. The main purpose of the company is to help people across the world by allowing them to lead healthier and happier lives.

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It has been seen that since last many years, the market share of the company is increasing very slowly and because of that it has become very important for companies to expand its business in the country where this market is low and Boots Plc. can easily capture a huge market share in an appropriate manner (RESTREPO, 2003). India is one of the countries that have been identified and company can easily use different strategies in order to enter into it. This particular report has been made by considering all the strategies that companies can use to enter India.

Task 1

Understanding the macro and micro environment of company is very important for the Boots Company if it wants to enter India in an appropriate manner. It will allow the company to know the market in which it will operate which will help them to create strategies to gain competitive advantage in an appropriate manner.

SWOT analysis of Boots Company in India

Strengths- Boots Company is one of the biggest pharmacy, beauty products and optical products company in the UK, which has different varieties of products that can fulfill all the needs and demands of people in the most appropriate manner. India is one of the largest countries in the world and because of that there is huge require of different types of products that the company sells (Alon, Jaffe and Vianelli, 2012). Other than this, the customer service of the company is also very appropriate because people of India believe in quality services which can be easily provided by Boots Company.Other than this, prices of the products of the company are also very appropriate which will definitely attract people towards themselves (Gretzky, 2010).

Weakness- One of the biggest weakness that the company has faced in other countries also is related to the localization of its services. It is one of the biggest issues that companies will have to solve if it wants to operate in India. Other than this, the company also has a standard product category and because of that, some of the products which are sold in other countries are not allowed in India. In order to solve this issue, the company will have to make appropriate changes in its portfolio.

Opportunities- One of the biggest opportunity that company will have Indian market is to capture the retail pharmacy and beauty segment because there are very less companies in this market and especially no one is in the retail sector (Doole and Lowe, 2012). The company can also increase its product portfolio as per the needs and demands of people in an appropriate manner.

Threats- One big threat that a company can face in Indian market relates to the pricing of its products as it has been seen that in some countries in order to attract people, the company reduced the prices of its products too much that perception of people towards the best brand became the cheap brand. It will have to price its products accordingly and in an appropriate manner.

PESTLE Analysis of Boots Plc in India

Political and Legal Factors- It is the fact that India is a very politically unstable company and because of that company will face many issues in starting its operations. Other than this, corporate tax in India is also very high which will directly impact on working of Boots plc. The company will also have to follow regulations in terms of the ingredients that it uses in order to make products as some of the products are strictly banned in India (Porter, 2008).

Economic Factors- In terms of economic factors, growth of India is very good, even in comparisons to some of the developed countries. If Boots plc. will use appropriate strategies, then it can easily earn huge amount of money in the most appropriate manner. However, there are some issues in terms of CRR and inflation, which might hamper the profitability of Boots Plc.

Social and Environmental Factors- It can be said that there is an issue of very high unequal income distribution in India and because of that there might be some cities in which people can purchase some premium products of company while there are some cities where people will not be able to do that. The company will have to segment all their products on that basis. In terms of environmental issues, in order to attract people towards the company, Boots Plc will have to spend a heavy amount doing the SCR activities and also implying environmentally friendly items.

Technological Factors- In terms of technology, Indian market is very well established and the company can easily get the latest technology in order to operate in an appropriate manner. The company can also run its online portal her effectively because the people of India love shopping online and it will be a great opportunity for companies (Terpstra, Foley and Sarathy, 2012).

Porters Five Force Model of Boots Plc in India

Bargaining power of Customers- in India, bargaining power of customers is very high and other than this, they also demand very high quality products. It can be said that it will be the biggest challenge that companies will have to face it has to keep the prices of products low in order to gain market share appropriately. The company will have to design its supply chain in the most appropriate manner.

Bargaining power of Suppliers- Bargaining power of suppliers in India is very low as compared to other countries because there are lots of suppliers that can provide goods in an appropriate manner. However, supplier market has a great unity here and because of that company will have to make good relations with them if wants to acquire raw material in low cost and in an appropriate manner (Cano, Carrillat and Jaramillo, 2004).

Threat of New Entrant- Threat of new entrant in India is very high because after the allocation of 100% FDI in single retail brand, many companies are trying to enter into the pharmacy market and because of that company will have to establish its roots soon if it does not want to face competition in the market.

Threat of Substitute products- India is a country, where people believe in using herbal treatments for beauty and other health related issues and because of that Boots Plc. Might face lots of issues in order to attract people in an appropriate manner. The company will have to do extensive marketing in order to create its positioning in the market (Tamas, 2000).


Industrial Rivalry- Boots Company will not face industrial rivalry much in Indian pharmacy market because the market is very much clustered and no 1 company has larger market share. However, the company is now developing itself and because of that it might face some issues in the future.

Switching Costs

Switching cost can be defined as the negative cost that people have to suffer, while shifting from one brand to another. This cost can be measured in monetary terms and also in psychology and time based factors (Grundy, 2006). In India, users will not have to face any kind of switching costs as people purchase their pharmacy needs supplies from the retail sector and if people will shift to Boots plc. Then it will help them.

Task 2

Market Objective of Boots Plc. in India

It is very important for Boots Plc. To have some good market objectives if it wanted to enter into the Indian market as it will allow companies to position itself in a very favorable position as compared to the other companies. All of these objectives will guide the company in the right direction and it might also help companies to gain the competitive market share in very less time. Some objectives that a company can have are-

Appropriate Market structure- It is one of the main objectives that Boot plc should keep in mind while entering into India. In this, company, instead of having a very high distributed market structure and come with a simple one in which all the products of company in terms of pharmacy, beauty care products, optical equipments, etc. can be provided under one roof (Nickerson, Hamilton and Wada, 2001). It will allow them to attract people in the most appropriate manner.

Quality customer care services- People of India get highly attracted towards the company that has a very good customer service and especially in the pharmacy market. It is very important for a company to understand all the issues of customers in the most appropriate manner so that they can be provided 24 hour assistance. It will develop loyalty of customers towards the Boots Company.
Quality products and competitive pricing- As discussed above, people of India are very price and quality conscious and because of that it is very important for companies to have a good and diversified portfolio with the competitive pricing of products so that company can attract all the classes of people in an appropriate manner (Simpson, 2005).

Innovation- It is again one of the biggest keys that will allow companies to gain a good market share in the company. A company can do some innovation in terms of the services that it provides to the customers by making shopping easier for customers. They can also add some additional features in store like expert advice to women, food court, children play area, etc.
Strategies to achieve defined objectives

Different strategies to overcome all the cited objectives are-

Core Competencies- It is very important for companies to rely on all its core competencies so that it can enter India in the most appropriate manner. Boots plc can easily rely on the localization of its products according to the needs and demands of people in an appropriate manner. The company should identify all the needs and demands of people and then should market those products as per the needs (Lane, 2007).

Supply Chain- It is also one of the best strategies that can be used by companies in order to fulfill the objectives that have been set in an appropriate manner. Boots Company can easily divide its complete supply chain in three parts in terms of primary, secondary and tertiary sector. It can also create products with the local environmental products that are available in India and can target the people who don’t like to use products which are made of chemicals (Loyka, 2007).

Standardization and Adaptation- It is also one of the most important concepts that can be followed by a company in which it can understand different needs and demands of customers and then it can market and produce its products as per that so that people can be attracted. It will come under the strategy of adaptation because the needs of people are different in different countries. Other than this, for some products, a company can follow the strategy of standardization as it will help them to maintain product quality throughout their portfolio.

Market Analysis- It is also very important for companies to do its market analysis so that it can be aware of the different opportunities and threats and also its position in the market (Hoppner, 2013). This market analysis can be done very easily with the help of the perceptual model as it will allow companies to display its position in relation to other competitors.

Marketing Mix- It is also one of the best strategies which are very important for Boots to adopt in the most appropriate manner as a company can select the products from its big portfolio and can market those in the appropriate manner by keeping the prices competitive. Promotion in India can also be done with both below the line and above the line technique. A company can further sell its product both on online portal as well as in its exclusive stores.

Task 3

Appropriate Market entry method for Boot plc in India

It is very important for companies to adopt most appropriate and sound strategies in order to enter into the Indian Market so that it can position itself in the most appropriate manner. Further, if the company will adopt good market entry methodsn then it will help them to attain all their objectives and will also help them to gain new opportunities (Bose, 2008). There are different types of methods available like licensing, franchising, alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing and others that can be easily adopted by company in an appropriate manner. All of these methods have some strength as well as some weaknesses and therefore it is must for a company to choose the appropriate option so that it can allow companies to get the most effective results out of it.

Out of all the methods, one of the best methods that company can adopt are licensed as in this company will be able to gain the license in order to operate in the Indian market. Recently India has approved the 100% FDI in terms of the single brand and because of that it is one of the best options that are available to Boots Company. It has also been seen that the economy of India is growing at very high speed and because of that this strategy will provide great opportunity to company in terms of increase in market share, profitability and market share. However, with these advantages, there are some barriers also which might affect the company in terms of adopting this strategy as it is very difficult to get license in India for business operations because of the high amount of corruption and politics especially in the pharmacy market (Richards, 2010). Still, this particular option is best for the company to enter into the market.

In order to adopt this particular entry method, it is very important for a company to develop sound marketing tactics in terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning to attract customers appropriately. Considering this, companies can focus mainly on two major areas which are geographically and psychographic. In terms of geographic segmentation, a company should establish its stores in some of the metro cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata as these cities will provide a good platform for the Boots Company in order to enter into the market (Enquist, 2008). Under the psychographic segmentation, company can target the people, which are beauty conscious and like to try different products. In this, people with different pharmacy needs will also come.

In terms of targeting, it is important for companies to adopt the differentiated targeting as it has different types of product and all of them will fall into different segments (Allen, 2000). It is important for companies to target these segments with different strategies so that people can be attracted appropriately. As far as the positioning is concerned, it has been found that it is very important for the company to establish itself as a brand that has very high quality products with low prices. The company can also make their services much more appropriate than other retail outlets in the country by providing people with services like children play area, food court, etc.

Other than this, the company can also adopt the generic strategies in order to enter Indian market like it can adopt the policy of cost leadership in which it can sell the best quality products at low prices (Parboteeah, 2009). Differentiation in services is another very good option that should be adopted.


Implementing Marketing Activities

On the basis of timeline, it can be said that Boots Company will require at least 36 days in order implementing the whole plan so that it can enter into the Indian market in the most appropriate manner. Other than this, company majorly will have to focus on the execution phase because it is consuming the majority of days (Ronkainen, 2006). In addition to this, the company can also hire a marketing firm so that it can conduct all the marketing activities in the most appropriate manner. Some major marketing platforms that can be adopted by Boots Company in India can be newspaper, hoarding, etc. as it will allow them to reach and attract more number of people. Other than this, the scope of social media and internet marketing is also increasing in India and it is the best platform for companies to reach more audiences in limited time. All these internet marketing strategies will allow companies to attract more number of customers in very limited time and it will also allow them to make good relations with people (Chary, 2006). It will also allow them to attract a different set of customers which will allow companies to increase its marketing efficiencies. Hence, it can be said that all these marketing tactics can be easily implemented by Boots Company in Indian Market, which will allow them to boost their market share and attain good profit margin.


By summing up this report, it can be said that Boots Company can easily enter the Indian Pharmacy, beauty products and optical market very easily. There are different set of strategies which company will have to implement in order to boost its profit margin and attract people towards it in an appropriate manner. The company will be able to face the existing competition in appropriate manner which will allow them to establish its root in the most appropriate manner.


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