Health and social care relates to the integrated services that are available from the different health and social care providers. In today's competitive environment each and every hospitals needs to maintain their quality of services. It is much more essential for them to provide quick services to all the patients. The present report develop an understanding of different perspectives of health and social care service quality. It is based on the case of NHS hospital that has a cancer treatment department and they have their set waiting time standards as well as different services (Donnison, 2009). They also have their IT system which keeps the record of all their patients. They are facing several issues related to its services and it is also evaluated that how they can empower and invoice the users of service.


1.1 Quality Service of the NHS Hospital

In any health and social care it is much more essential to manage the quality of their services in order to attract number of customers. Stakeholders play key role in any health and social care and it is essential to engage all of them in an effective health care program. Different stakeholders have different needs and expectations. There quality service of the NHS hospital can be defined by the different viewpoints of the stakeholders such as:

Patients: One of the major requirement of any patient is that timely services provided to them. They always needs good care and mainly focus on the cost effectiveness. In NHS hospital patients are surviving with many problems and it will leads to decrease the performance of the their hospital (Bryans, 2004). There is an set waiting time standard for all their clients but still there are various complaints by patients. As per their set standard patient should be seen within 15 minute of their scheduled time but most of the time they have to wait more than 25 minutes despite of reaching on the particular time of appointment. According to these stakeholders it is essential to provide quality services to their clients in order to increase their profitability of firm. They are paying for all their services so they are expecting lot more from the organization. It is also essential for health and social care to keep all their patients satisfy with providing them quality services.

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Employees: In any health and social care it is essential for all the employees to work quickly. They needs to keep their cost down and the overall performance of the industry depends on the work of employees. It is necessary to motivate them in order to increase their performance. In NHS hospital employees needs to provide high quality services to all their patients (Glasby, 2012). They are required to provide 48 hour services to their patients.

Providers: They needs to view the quality of healthcare in technical sense. It is also essential to measure the accuracy of diagnose, appropriateness of therapy etc. It will help them in gaining the quality of healthcare in customer's perspective. They can provide them high quality services as well. With the viewpoint of providers NHS hospitals needs to provide good therapy systems to all their cancer patients.

1.2 Various Quality Models

There are various quality models that helps in improving the quality of services in any organization. In order to determine the key result for the NHS hospitals continual improvement of their quality management system requires. There are mainly parts of quality models i.e.

Management responsibility: One of the most important priority of any organization is to provide high quality services to all their customers. Management people needs to define the roles and responsibilities of all the employees (Fisher, 2005). In the out-patient clinic of NHS hospital there are three consulting room which provides different solutions to all their customers. They needs to maintain their hospital IT system and maintain overall data and records of all their patients.

Resource management: For the department of cancer treatment and breast screening clinic they are required to maintain all their resources. Well and properly managed resources gives positive impression on customers and they can further provide quick services to all their cancer patients. Different machines and equipments needs to provide right solution on right time. Proper treatment can be provided to all their customers with the use of different therapy machines.

Measurement, analysis and improvement: All the resources should be properly managed and one of the major task through which company can improve their quality is the measurement and analysis of all the resources (Henderson and Martin, 2001). All therapy machines are well equipped and provide right solution to all the patients. NHS hospital can keep all the records of their patients in their hospital IT system.

Product realization: In order to improve the quality of services health and social needs to measure their products realization. It is necessary to determine that it should meet the requirements of all the consumers. It helps them in providing high satisfaction to all their patients. NHS hospital needs to improve their products and service quality so that they can easily achieve their target and provide higher satisfaction to all their customers.

With all these parts of quality models it has been determines that NHS hospital can further improve their services by properly managing all their resources (Donnison, 2009). They can provide right treatment to the patients on the right time. It helps them in gaining their quality of services and keeping record of all their patients.

1.3 Important Role of all the Management People

There is an strong relationship between the quality of clinic and the principles of care for the client group. Principle of care manly based on the idea of human right and it is all about the way health and social care providers should behave towards individual in their care. One of the most important role of all the management people in any health and social care is to provide high quality clinical services to all their patients. It is linked up with the different practices and attitudes of employees towards their customers. There are different care workers in the hospitals and they should treat an individual with the way they wants to be treated. Principle of care for the client group mainly focuses on the improving the quality of life for their client (Brand, 2012). In NHS hospital the care workers provides different quality services and their clinic session takes place only on Wednesday. One of the major problem with their clinical system is that the result of previous investigation is not available at the time of consultation. Patients needs quick services and it will leads to decrease the overall performance of the healthcare.

1.4 Major Responsibility of all the Management People

In any hospital it is essential to set the waiting time standards for all the patients. NHS hospital needs to improves their system and operations surrounding this administration care. Each and every health and social care have set their waiting time standards and it keeps good impression on all their customers (Ham and Oldham, 2009). Number of consumers are attracted towards the services of the hospital. Out-patient clinic in an NHS hospital have their computerized IT hospital system. It maintains the overall information and records of the patients. They have set the scheduled appointment time for every patients. As per their waiting standard for the hospital patients should be seen within 15 minutes. But patient need to be arrive their on a given time. But there set waiting time standard is not appropriate and patients have several complaints with this. They have been waiting for more than 25 minutes despite arriving on the time. It will leads to decrease the brand image of the hospital. Setting of clinic waiting time standards keeps people happy with the hospitals services. But is much more essential for them to maintain their time standards in order to provide quick services to all their patients (Glasby, 2012). It is the major responsibility of all the management people to attend their patients according to the given appointment time.


2.1 Set Standards for the NHS hospitals

There is a set standards for the NHS hospitals in order to measure the quality of performance of clinic. One of the most important standards they have to set is recruiting highly qualified and experienced staff. The major concern behind all the effectiveness of all their resources. It is essential to set all the machineries for providing better treatment. Any of the healthcare department highly regulated with standards, rules and legislations. In order to improve the quality of their services they needs to create a reliable and comparative performance information. With the help of this consumer can take informed decision about their care. They needs to support quality improvement activities (Ford and Dooher, 2010). The hospital also have their waiting time standard through which they can provide quick services to their customers as per their given appointment. Performance of clinic depends on their services which they provides to their clients. Further they needs to trained their staff members with their set policies. So, that they can raise their performance level. They also needs to provide proper consultation to all the patients through which they can increase their performance and brand name as well. In NHS clinic as a manager I have various roles and responsibility which I needs to complete in order to provide better treatment to all the patients.


2.2 To Improve the Quality System of the Clinic

There are several approaches that needs to be implemented in order to improve the quality system of the clinic. It may vary from the simply monitoring of the system and further assessing and improving quality through a formal quality assurance system. Healthcare safety and quality have drawn considerable and widespread attentions around the world. In order to improve the quality system it is essential to maintain the effectiveness of all the business operations. There are various different approaches such as:

Clarify the mission and values: employees needs to understand the overall organizational strategy in order to achieve their target. Healthcare organizations needs to recruit trained employees so that they can achieve their target and perform in an effective manner.

Identify critical success factor: It will help the organization to focus on those things that will help in meeting the objectives of the company (Gray, Field and Brown, 2010). It mainly focuses on the financial performance, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, market share, product quality etc. It is one of the most important approach which helps the NHS hospital and clinic to maintain their quality.

Identify key customer: For the proper implementation of the quality system it is necessary to identify the key customers of the company. They are required to understand that who are the key customer group for their health and social care so that products and services can be developed based on the customers requirements. Key customer group includes the employees, consumers, suppliers etc.

Develop improvement plan: They can further create their improvement plan in which they have to mention all the upcoming activities they have to improve. Further, they can take feedbacks from customers and their patients and create a improvement plan as per the specific needs (Clarke, 2006).

2.3 Quality and Cost of their Health Care

Consumers are required to know the quality and cost of their health care. The transparency in their system provides the overall necessary information to all their customers. Provide reliable cost on their choice empower the customer choice. One of the most important task of any health and social care is to understand the value of all their customers. Value of the established quality system in an NHS hospital helps them in improving their rating. The established quality system of the NHS hospital understand the requirement of all their patients and provide quick services to them (Bryans, 2004). They have their IT system which keep record and overall information about the patients so that they can quickly print out the results related to the health of patient. In their cancer treatment department there are various facilities with high equipped therapy machines. The computer system of the clinic book all the information of the patient and it provide facility to consumer as next time they need not to register again. There are three consulting rooms each are equipped with the doctors and nurse. Patients can take the overall information about their treatment from these consultation rooms. Further, it can be easily determines through the values of their established quality system they can improve their quality rating.

2.4 Requirements of their Customers

Each and every organizations work to achieve their target. It is essential to fulfill all the requirements of their customers in order to gain the customer loyalty. In any health and social care patient need timely and quality services. NHS hospital tried to provide best services to all their clients. With providing quality services they can increase their number of patients. It have its very good impact and healthcare organization can easily improve their market share. All staff members should perform in an effective manner (Dobson and Salt, 2006). They are require to give quick services to all their patients and it gives positive impact on the patient. If hospitals provide quality services than staff member give their best in achieving the target. Supplier and various other stakeholders provides timely delivery of services and they can increase the efficiency of healthcare. There is very positive affect on providing quality services to all their stakeholders. They will perform in an better way and it helps in increasing their market share.

2.5 Major Problem with NHS hospital

As well as effectiveness there are various potential barriers to delivery of quality in clinical scenario. There are several emergency cases that needs be handle on the spot and it is also essential to provide them quick services. One of the major problem with NHS hospital is there waiting time standard is not set and there have been several complaints by patients. The potential barrier is inadequate measure of the quality of care. Sometimes it has its negative impact on the customers (Handy, 2014). It is much more essential to gain the customer satisfaction and provide them timely services. Some major difficulties they are facing is time availability, leadership, training and appraisal system. In NHS hospital the number of staff members are not enough so it takes more time in providing services. Another major problem is lack of leadership in delivering quality. In order to maintain the quality of system timely training should be provided to all the staff members and it require high financial budget.


3.1 Policies and Procedures used in Achieving the Quality

In each and every health and social care they have their set policies and procedures that are used in achieving the quality in the service offered. There is an major requirement of effective compliance program for healthcare organization. Policies are required to take legal actions against workers and procedures provides explicit actions. They can give step by step instructions to all their staff members in order to guide them (Connelly, 2004). All the stakeholders and staff members are depends on the policies and procedures to establish their standards that how different process must be conducted. They can easily protect the overall information and records of admitted patient. It will ensure the consistency in all their operations, reduce medical error and ensure the patient safety. In order to provide effective system and achieving the quality of the services offered it is essential to set different policies and procedures.

3.2 Factors that Influence the Achievement of Quality

There are several factors that influence the achievement of quality in the clinic. One of the major factor is the performance of employees. It is much more essential to provide high quality services to all the patients. For this purpose employees needs to perform in an effective manner and organization are required to gives them good appraisals in order to enhance their performance (Henderson and Martin, 2001). Another major factor is the resource availability. In any health and social care patients needs to treated with full care. All required machines for cancer treatment should be there in the cancer treatment department.

3.3 Quality of Clinic NHS Hospital staff members

In order to improve the quality of clinic NHS hospital staff members perform in an effective manner. They can improve their service quality by providing measuring their resource availability and performance level. Further they can improve the quality by giving training to all their staff members. They need to set their policies and procedures so that they can take legal action against all the mismanaging activities. NHS hospital needs to implement to further improve their IT system so that they can keep track of all their services. They also need to improve their waiting time and standard in order to provide timely services to patients.


4.1 Alternative Methods for Evaluating Service Quality

There are various alternative methods that are for evaluating service quality of the NHS. They can evaluate this internal and external stakeholder’s point of view (Dixey, 2012).Different approaches which NHS could consider for reviewing service quality:

  • Patient’s records
  • Interview
  • Consultation
  • Observation
  • With evaluating this technique NHS could easily assess the areas of modifications and further they can improve their quality of services. NHS should consider observation technique and with the help of this technique they can observe their overall process of quality. It will help them in maintaining the service quality.

4.2 Improve their Performance Level with their Suggestions

In order to attempt delivery quality services health and social care can take different feedbacks from their other consulting services. They will suggest them that how they can improve their services and where they lack (Bryans, 2004). Different consulting service will beneficial for service users as they can attempt to delivery quality service. NHS can easily consult with them and improve their performance level with their suggestions.


From the above report on managing quality it is concluded that health and social care needs to provide quality services to all their patients. There is an strong relationship between quality of clinic and the principles of care. NHS hospital have been set their measuring standard through which they can improve their quality of performance and also empower the user services.


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