In an organization, various types of business activities are performed to attain desired results. However, it is very crucial for managers and employees to perform their tasks and duties in an adequate manner so that they can contribute towards the firm’s success (Foss, Woll and Moilanen, 2012). Top level management of an organization has to play several roles and responsibilities regarding improving performance of human resource and for making optimum utilization of available resources to achieve desired results.

Present research report highlights the several issues and problems of ABC Ltd, a recruitment company, which it is facing while operating business. The major concern for the firm is its poor management and leadership by the means of which employees are unable to accomplish their tasks effectively. Therefore, study explains about tactics and strategies that top level management of ABC Ltd can undertake in order to enhance its overall business functioning.

Task 1: Understanding The Importance Of Business Processes And Developing Plans For Own Area Responsibility To Implement Operational Plans

1.1 Identifying all major positions in the departments

Organisational chart of ABC Ltd can be evaluated. In general terms, having appropriate framework of business activities will ensure in managing and controlling business activities in an efficient manner as well as helps in generating required outcomes. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of functional managers of each department to guide its subordinates in an appropriate manner so that they can work in a better manner and contributes towards success of business enterprise (Smart, 2005). Looking at the given scenario, it can be stated that, there are several problems that ABC Ltd is facing in order to attain successful run. However, the main problem that company is having regarding senior or functional authorities like recruitment and account manager as they are not performing their roles and responsibilities in a feasible manner as well as not showing any sense of awareness regarding company’s business operations.

In order to overcome this issue, managing director of ABC Ltd has to indulge him or her in motivating senior employees, so that they can enhance their prior commitments towards company. It is because, all the responsibility and authority is with director which assist them in performing business operations in an effectual manner. Various business experts stated that, business cannot be run successfully with a single person as every individual is associated with his needs to play his part in an accurate manner to attain the desired results. In context to that, recruitment and account manager has to understand their roles and duties as well as need to maintain regular interacting with director in order to bring change or modification within firm’s functioning appropriately. On the basis of structure, recruitment manager has to coordinate with its subordinates in order to motivate them so that they can perform their tasks and duties effectively. Furthermore, manager also has to ensure that right people are selected for the respective appropriate job (Hare and Cameron, 2012).

On the other hand, Chief Financial Officer has to ensure that, ABC Ltd is operating with adequate funds so that he can overcome from short and long term obstacles in an easy manner. Furthermore, major task for an account manager is to prepare all the financial budgets so that recruitment process and other major activities can be funded suitably. Furthermore, it will also help in framing policies regarding both B2B and B2C clients.

1.2 Listing the key aims, objectives and mission of ABC Company

Aims – For any company to attain success, it is required to have an aim so that with the guidance of it, overall functioning can be executed. According to the present case, ABC Ltd aims at providing right job to the correct individual so that it can satisfy both entities’ requirements (Belcher, Place and Conole, 2000). However, company operating in two business structure, firstly focuses on providing required individual to corporate clients and secondly, it ensures that individual gets the right job as per his or her needs and wants.

Objectives – Objectives for a business enterprise can be defined as the process of attaining desired goals and targets on time. The main objective of ABC Ltd is to create and maintain better coordination within business as well as providing right offers to both of its clients.

Mission – In general terms, mission statement is based on the thinking of top level authorities of an organisation. According to the present case, mission statement of ABC Ltd is “Good Jobs for everyone”. However, another goal that company wants to achieve by the means of this statement is to become a leading organisation in recruitment sector and expanding the business to international boundaries.

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After evaluating aims, objectives and mission statement of ABC Ltd, it has been evaluated that company desires to provide quality of services to its B2B and B2C clients so that they can create a brand image and sustain for a longer period of time. However, above defined (figure: 2) states that ABC Ltd performs several activities in order to satisfy needs and wants of each customer. Therefore, it is very crucial for the company to have proper process or structure of accomplishing tasks and operations in order to achieve desired results.

1.3 Evaluating the elements required to build a quality gateway

In general terms, quality gateway refers to the procedure of framing precise set of standards regarding using inputs to generate fruitful outcomes. After looking at the past records of ABC Ltd, it can be evaluated that at the initial stage of business, every employee was performing appropriately and helping the company to achieve goals and objectives (Espejo and Bendek, 2011). But due to increase in competition and internal conflicts, ABC Ltd’s recent performance has led down. However, firm is constantly facing problems related to lack of leadership skills and poor management due to which overall functioning is affected.

In context to these issues, ABC Ltd can undertake quality gateway method as it will help the managers in setting realistic goals and objectives as well as ensuring the successful run of Recruitment Company. The main business operation for ABC Ltd is its recruitment process and in order to enhance that, top level management has to include various essential steps of quality gateway while preparing recruitment plan or strategy. These steps are as follows:

Defining job description and specification to both clients

  • Monitoring quality at each level
  • Framing set of service standards

Therefore, undertaking this approach will assist ABC Ltd in improving overall quality so that they can provide quality of services to its customers of B2B and B2C. Furthermore, by the means of this, quality will be monitored at each level in order to enhance the overall efficiency of business functioning.

1.4 Designing a plan to promote goals and objectives for ABC Company

In the present case, ABC Ltd aims at providing valuable services to its clients by providing them right candidate for the correct job. However, in order to do so, company has to follow certain steps so that it can accomplish recruitment procedure in an adequate manner. These are:

Job description and specification – It is the first step of recruitment procedure as well as it is considered as the most important one. However, it is the responsibility of top level authority of ABC Ltd to ensure that overall recruitment procedure is based on specific requirements of corporate clients (Henttonen and Kettunen, 2011). In regards to this, company has to undertake all the legal and ethical aspects of accomplishing fair recruitment process. However, according to the criteria, set candidates are evaluated and called up for personal interviews. The main advantage of undertaking this step is that it gives surety in selecting right candidate for the suitable job.

Scrutinizing – Scrutinizing is the process of selecting criteria that is based on individuals from overall group of population. During this stage, applications and online forms of candidates are analyzed and on that basis, appropriate candidates are selected for next round. However, the main aim of undertaking this step within selection procedure removes the biasness and assists in accomplishing operations in a legal manner.

Short listing – This is the most crucial stage of a recruitment process because in this stage, only those candidates are selected which are most probably the demand corporate clients (Ehlers, 2009). However, it is the duty of recruitment manager to select the most appropriate candidate out of all so that it can positively contribute towards the business success.

1.5 SMART Objectives

SMART objectives are considered as the most significant tool and techniques by the help of which firm can perform its operations in an adequate manner as well as they also help in attaining the desired goals and objectives for future sustainability of the firm in a long run. According to present scenario, with the help of these objectives, Managing Director of ABC Ltd can easily analyze and evaluate the overall efficiency of efforts that are made by employees in order to select right candidate for suitable job. However, with the help of this, recruitment manager can adequately execute his duties along with allocating available resources in an effective manner so as to improve the overall functioning of ABC Ltd (Vecchi and Brennan, 2009). Therefore, it is recommended to top level management of ABC Ltd to include SMART objectives within functioning in order to attain feasible outcomes. At last, company should aim at providing several opportunities to applied candidates so even if they are not selected for specific job, they can remain intact for future interviews and options.

1.6 Implementing appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way

There is a high level of competition that is available for recruitment agency as there are mammoth companies which are operating in same sector. In context to this, it becomes vital for ABC Ltd to undertake appropriate system through which company can attain goals and objectives. The main aim of having appropriate system assists in ensuring that managers of ABC Ltd can develop realistic budgets as well as strategies regarding enhancing efficiency of business procedures to attain quality standards. There are certain steps that company can include at different levels such as:
Firstly, Managing Director of ABC Ltd has to ensure that every individual within business organisation is working in coordination so that clients or customers will be provided with quality of services. Furthermore, doing so will minimize the future risks and uncertainties.

Secondly, it is the duty of Chief Financial Officer to make optimum utilization of available funds and earnings in order to meet short and long terms obstacles (Oakland, 2011). In addition to that, undertaking proper budgeting techniques and other financial tools and techniques to understand feasibility of financial investment.

Thirdly, operational functioning is a major concern of ABC Ltd however, top level management has to indulge with various tactics and strategies regarding overcoming issues relating to poor management and lack of leadership so that company can improve its business operations. Therefore, it also help in order to have proper system regarding training and development of senior employees as well as in motivating subordinates to enhance the overall performance.

Fourthly, there are various external factors which also make a huge impact on the overall functioning of Recruitment Company (Back, Enkel and Krogh, 2010). However, having proper management within business will assist the functional managers to maintain relationship with its corporate clients in order to sustain for longer period of time.

Task 2: Monitor Appropriate System To Improve Abc Ltd Performance And Managing Health And Safety At Workplace

2.1 Explaining the system required to manage and control the quality standards at ABC Ltd

Total quality management refers to strategic approach of organisational management which helps in improving quality of products and services through ongoing improvement by the means of continuous feedbacks. According to the present case, TQM will play a significant role for ABC Ltd as it will assist in monitoring and managing quality standards that are set in regards to recruitment procedure (Oakland, 2011). On the other hand, for implementing TQM, company has to have culture of unity. It is because; without better coordination, workforce cannot incorporate total quality management within its functioning. Therefore, TQM is recommended to top level management of ABC Ltd so that it can bring coordination between each department and can work effectively to attain the desired results.


2.2 Demonstrating a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of process

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, the term itself indicates that it focuses on improving the overall quality of products and services that company is offering to target clients. However, in order to enhance the quality, ABC Ltd has to improve its management structure because it will help employees to work in an appropriate manner and will satisfy the needs and wants of new and existing customers (Stranks, 2005). Therefore, top level management has to focus on identifying and evaluating needs and wants of each candidate and accordingly provide them job opportunities so that they can get a better job of their choice.

In addition to that, Managing Director of ABC Ltd is making valiant efforts to bring appropriate systems at each level of business operations so that every activity can be performed on desired set standards. One of them is TQM as it will assist in monitoring and managing quality standards at each level of recruitment procedure (Davis, 2012). Along with that, training and development session is another measure which could play a significant role in enhancing the overall business operations of ABC Ltd.

2.3 Recommending improvements for ABC Ltd

There are several recommendations that can be made to ABC Ltd after looking at its present situation. These are:

Employee involvement – It is one of the major issues for ABC Ltd that its employees are unable to coordinate with each other. Therefore, it is very crucial for functional managers to remove communication gap between subordinates as well as to motivate them to attend training and development sessions so as to improve their skills and abilities (Jackson, Schuler and Werner, 2011).

Enhancing quality – Indulging TQM will assist in improving quality of each department and will also help ABC Ltd to serve customers in an efficient manner.

Adopting quality culture – The main aim of undertaking quality culture is to give priorities to all those activities which are essential for ABC Ltd. Furthermore, by the means of this culture, ABC Ltd can also overcome frominternal issues and obstacles that firm is facing.

2.4 Elements of Plan

There are various key components that are available through which overall functioning of ABC Ltd can be improved. These are:

TQM – It is one of the major components that will play a significant role in improving efficiency of recruitment firm (Talloo, 2007). However, incorporating TQM will ensure that all the activities of firm are being monitored and controlled effectively.

Quality assurance – With the help of this tool, MD of ABC Ltd can manage and control recruitment process as well as can also provide services to candidates and corporate clients as per their needs and wants.

Cost benefit analysis – Financial aspect of an organisation is always essential because it indicates the actual position of firm in an existing market (Baldissin and, 2013). However, undertaking cost benefit analysis will assist the Chief Financial Officer to make economic forecasting in an adequate manner.

2.5 Carrying out risk assessment

The main aim of risk assessment is to identify and evaluate futuristic risks and uncertainties. Indulging risk assessment strategies within business functioning will assist ABC Ltd to minimize all the uncertainties that are related to operations and help them to provide quality of services to its targeted clients (Pingolia, 2014). In context to that, it is very crucial for authorities to focus on carrying out timely risk assessment analysis to attain desired outcomes. Along with that, after evaluating risks, company can provide training and development sessions to its employees so that potential measures can be incorporated adequately.

2.6 Demonstrating the correct and effective application of health and safety regulations and legislations

Health and safety are the most significant elements for an organisation. However, there are several laws and policies that are framed regarding health and safety of employees while working in the firm. Therefore, it is very crucial for the top authority of ABC Ltd to follow all policies and regulations which are framed by the government of UK regarding health and safety measures of employees (General safety measures, 2012). Nowadays, pollution is one of the major issues and in order to minimize this issue, company has to focus on providing appropriate working environment to employees so that they can work effectively as well as efficiently.

2.7 Carrying out a systematic review of organizational health and safety policies and procedures

Looking at the present condition, there are several health and safety policies that are framed by the government of UK. These are:
Discrimination of employees is the most common issue that an individual faces during the course of its job. Therefore, it is the duty of senior manager to ensure that all the employees are treated in a same manner.

Fire is also a major issue that needs to be managed and controlled in an appropriate manner. In order to overcome from such an issue, ABC Ltd has to indulge with fire risk assessment within overall functioning of the firm (Neill, 2013).

Smoking at work should be prohibited as it will ensure a healthy environment within firm. Therefore, manager should put “No Smoking” board in the premises to create awareness amongst employees.

2.8 Carrying out the practical application of health and safety policies and procedures

In order to carry out practical application of health and safety policies, ABC Ltd has to undertake various HSE policies such as:

Health and safety regulations 1992 of display screen equipments – This policy is crucial for recruitment company as its employees are constantly using computer in order to collect and spread information regarding candidates and companies associated with them (Hare and Cameron, 2012).

Mandatory insurance policy, employer’s liability act 1969 – The policy aims at providing guidance regarding insuring employees. According to this law, it is the duty of Managing Director of organization.


Having appropriate framework of business activities will ensure in managing and controlling them in an efficient manner as well as helps in generating required outcomes. In the present case, ABC Ltd aims at providing valuable services to its clients by providing them right candidate for the suitable job. Thereafter, report highlights the importance of undertaking TQM and other quality measures in order to improve overall business operations. At last, report focuses on several health and safety policies as well as measures that the top level management of ABC Ltd has to undertake in order to ensure better working environment for employees.


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