Human resource development is the first priority of any organization as the overall success of any company depends on the contribution of its employees. The present report tells about the various learning styles that should be adopted by companies in order to enhance the capabilities and skills of all their employees. It is also describes that why it is essential to transfer learning at workplace. In addition to this, the second part of report is based on the training methods used by ALDI. It is the leading retailer with over 8,000 stores worldwide and they are trying to enhance the performance level of all their employees (Khatri, 2001). Moreover, a training event is planned in order to develop knowledge and skills of all the new employees. The last part of the study presents the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning and various contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government that contribute to human resources development for an organization.


1.1 Different learning styles

Enhancing the knowledge of all their employees is one of the most important tasks of any organization as it helps them in gaining higher productivity. As a HR manager in Marriot International Hotel, I realized that it is quite essential to provide appropriate training to all the employees so that they can easily enhance their knowledge. With the help of this employees will feel more engaged and it also helps the company in reducing their employee turnover rate. There are various learning styles given by Kolb and Honey and Mumford. Four learning styles have been given by Honey and Mumford i.e.

Activist: These are the people who mainly involved in learning new experiences. They always learn by doing various activities that are organized by company (Pattanayak, 2005). Most of the organizations are arranging several activities which help their employee in gaining their knowledge as well as increasing their learning. There are various activities have been given in this theory through which people can learn effectively such as brainstorming, group discussion, problem solving etc. Top management officials of the Marriot international can easily adopt activist theory in order to provide appropriate training to all their employees.

Theorist: There are several actions have been taken by the company with respect to all the employees (Schweyer, 2010). In theorist learners they are required to understand all the theories behind their action. For this purpose it is necessary to acquire all the information regarding models, concepts and various facts.

Pragmatist: According to this theory most of the individuals can easily learn through various experiments, theories as well as techniques.

Reflector: Observing other people is one of the best technique through which they can easily enhance their learning. These people are very good observer and learn by monitoring the way of working and thinking of other people (York, 2009). In order to improve the overall service quality they can further take feedbacks from other people. With the help of adopting these learning styles company can easily grow their business. They can provide efficient training to all their employees as well as motivate them to perform in an effective manner. It helps them in enhancing their knowledge and learning.

1.2 Role of the learning curve and importance of transferring learning at Sainsbury

Transferring learning is one of the most important tasks as it helps the employees in increasing their learning skills as well as capabilities. Learning curve is the key of future development through which company can easily go through the areas of development in future. With the help of using technique Sainsbury can enhance their capabilities (Kenny, 2012). Learning curve clearly represents the rate of improvement in performing all the tasks as functioning as well as rate of change in average cost.

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In order to increase the learning and experience company can adopt this technique which mainly provide all the statistical findings. This technique clearly represents that the learning can be improve with the experience and company can easily achieve their target. Mainly learning curve is used when the same tasks is repeated and where a body of knowledge is learned over a time. In addition to this, company can achieve all their goals by transferring learning at workplace. All the workers can easily enhance their capability as well as various skills by taking part into different training. With the help of this all the employees can perform in an effective manner and provide high class and attractive services to all their customers (Mason and Sanders, 2009). By transferring learning at Sainsbury they can easily increase their production efficiency by hiring and training new employees.

1.3 Contribution of learning styles and different theories in planning and developing a learning event

There are various learning styles have been adopted by companies which helps them in achieving their target as well as goal. It highly contributes towards the future planning and success of company. At the time of planning and developing a learning event it is quite necessary to adopt various theories. These theories can be described as a framework through which human skills and competencies can be developed. The overall contribution of the learning styles and different theories in planning and development can be described as:

Various learning styles and theories help the company in meeting their goal and target by planning and developing appropriate learning event (Leopold, Harris and Watson, 2005). Moreover, learning styles is selected as per the organizational value and requirements. It is necessary to have proper information and knowledge about the different learning styles and theories in order to develop an appropriate learning event. It helps them in providing right information and right training to all their employees through which they can develop their skills.

Several changes take place in the organizational structure and value due to the increasing technologies. In order to overcome with this problem company needs to select an appropriate theory as well as learning styles so that they can easily consider the various factors of improvements.

Further, it can be clearly stated that planning of an appropriate life event mainly requires choosing most suitable learning styles and theories. It helps the company in better future planning as well as increasing their productivity of company.


2.1 Comparison of training needs for staff at different levels in ALDI

ALDI is one of the fastest growing retail industries as they continuously expanding their business in Europe, North America and Australia. They are operating their 8000 stores worldwide. They are serving different business operation by different departments. It is essential to provide right training to right people so that they can effectively manage all their business operation (Claus, 2003). Employees can easily learn and understand the values and standard of company by taking proper training from different fields and operations. In ALDI training should be provided at different level such as:

Management level: Decision making is one of the most important parts of any company and it is the major responsibility of the management level people to take effective decision. It is essential to have practical experience to develop skills and capabilities in order to make appropriate decisions. In ALDI various off-the-job training has been provided to management people such as workshop.

Customer level employees: It is the major responsibility of the company is to provide quality services to all their customers (Schuler and Jackson, 2005). All the customer level employees need to properly interact with their customers and provide them right services. For this purpose, ALDI needs to provide appropriate training to customer level employees through which they can improve their problem solving skills. It is necessary for handling all the queries and complaints in an effective manner. In this regard several workshops have been organized by ALDI as well as queue management training.

Operation level: This is the most important department as they manage all the business operations effectively. For this purpose, ALDI should provide them coaching for performance improvement as well as review of performance corrections. It helps them in improving their business operations by performing effectively.

Staff Induction: ALDI needs to provide proper induction or training program to all their employees so that they can perform effectively. There are various safety induction training programs had been provided to all the staff. Management people need to organize various training program in which they can provide induction training to all their new staff members (Ware and Grantham, 2003). With the help of this staff members can lead in a better way and improve their performance.

2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in ALDI

There are several training has been provided to different level of staff members in ALDI. One of the most important advantages of these training programs is that all their employees will feel more engaged towards the organization. With the help of this training they can easily get motivated and recognize their performance standards. It helps them in boosting their motivational level by increasing capabilities as well as knowledge and skills. All the employees can easily exchange their values and increase their knowledge. It creates a proper sense of health discussion through which all the information can easily shared between management team as well as all their employees (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2012). In addition to this, company can gain bravery in decision making of all their employees and recognize several job opportunities. There are mainly two types of training programs i.e. off-the-job and on-the-job. With the help of the off-the-job training program company can easily gain higher staff productivity. ALDI can arrange various simulation programs in order to provide off-the-job training. These activities are organized out of the campus which incurs extra costs. In addition to this, several disadvantages have been faced by company while providing training and development activities to all their staff members. At the time of providing off-the-job training company requires higher budget which sometimes creates a big problem for the company. It may leads to increase the payroll costs of the company. Further, most of the time employees feel disappointed which may leads to create negativity in their mindset and they may feel disappointed with their performance. It directly affects the overall performance of the employee as well as company. Due to this company cannot easily provide quality services to all their employees (Brown, 2002). It is the major drawback faced by company through which they can decrease their market share. By balancing the costs of Off-the-job training programs they can adopt several benefits such as motivated staff, skilled and capable employees as well as increasing staff productivity. In addition to this on-the-job training program such as coaching, mentoring can be provided to all their employees within the organization. With the help of this individuals can gain their skills as well as knowledge. While working as a team mentoring is quite essential as it helps the team leader to closely monitor their employees and guide them effectively so that they can perform in a well manner.

2.3 Systematic approach to plan training and development

In order to plan a new training event for all the new employees of the ALDI it is essential for them to adopt systematic approach. It is mainly used to provide active role of the management as well employee participation. With the help of selecting systematic approach for best training event company can easily detect all the problems faced by them and their employees while performing their tasks (Kenny, 2012). In order to choose more realistic approach it is quite essential to go with the proper discussion. For the purpose of providing training to all the newly joined employees of the sales department in ALDI. They needs to adopt systematic approach through which they can provide them appropriate training about the overall process and business operations of company. It taken at the time of designing training and development plan should start with the top management team.

Top management team will now call the trainee manager and collect all the findings for the best suitable training event. Systematic approach of the overall training and development plan needs to determine clearly that training starts and ends with the company's need. In order to plan systematic approach it is quite essential to follow analysis, design, development, and implementation and evaluation stage. These are the main stages through which company can easily develop effective training plan. There are different trainings for the newly joined employees of sales department. If sales person perform in an well manner than they can keep their customers satisfied (Linn, 2008). They need to give them proper training and guidance about their work that how they can sell products to their customers, how they can properly communicate with them etc. Communication training as well as right information about the product training is the most essential part as it is quite essential for the sales person in any retail industry to provide most suitable information to all their customers. In addition to this they should be properly trained to manage the accounts information about the different products and services so that they can easily manage overall account. Top management team have structured a systematic approach for the overall training with the time limit of 1 month. In this time period a person should be well trained so that they can easily perform all their tasks effectively. It can be easily determined that, in order to plan training and development it is quite essential for company to follow systematic approach.

3.1 Evaluation using suitable techniques

In order to evaluate the overall training event it is essential to decide whether or not to change the plan that has been selected. The overall training plan for the newly joined sales employees will be evaluate by the top management team of the company. It is necessary to measure that it provides effective outcome and how it is relevance with the organizational requirements. There are several techniques that has been adopted by company in order to assess the overall training event such as clarify the improvement areas, observations etc. With the help of these techniques company can easily assess all the improvements took place in their business operations. They are required to observe the overall training plan and also identify that how newly joined employees were benefited after providing this training (Lane and Kangulec, 2010). One of the most important tasks for any company is to keep their employees satisfied so that they can perform all their business operations effectively. In order to evaluate the appropriateness of the techniques a proper documentation is being formed. There are several steps is taken into consideration through in which customer evaluation, expert opinion and employees understanding are being possessed. With following all these steps they can easily measure their performance and take several feedbacks from their customers. It helps them in improving their performance as per the requirements of their customers. Moreover, it is being identified that expert opinion somehow helps the company in properly implementing training event. ALDI can easily improve their service quality by taking expert opinion as well as customer feedbacks. It helps them in providing higher quality services as well as products of customer's requirements.

In addition to this, Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation can be used by them which help them in evaluating the overall effectiveness of their training program (Schweyer, 2010). He published his first training evaluation model which mainly considers 4 steps reaction, learning, behavior and result. It is a theoretical training model which mainly considers four level training programs such as:
Reaction: One of the most important tasks for any trainee manager is to identify that all their trainees are feeling that the given training was valuable. It can be easily measured by the reaction of trainees at the time of training. It is the best way through which they can easily understand that how well the training was received by all the audience (York, 2009). It is necessary to measure the reaction of trainees those who are attending the training.


Learning: There should be a plan related to training session in which all the trainees needs to specify the list of all their learning objectives. After providing the effective training they can easily measure that how much all knowledge they have increased. With the help of this technique is very easy to measure the overall learning of the trainees.

Behavior: By receiving an appropriate training employees might change their behaviors and it is the best way through which trainee manager can monitor the how far the training was valuable.

Results: This is the last step of the Kirkpatrick model in which the overall effectiveness of training will be measured. The final results and overall outcomes for the organization and employees will be measured in this step (Hughes, 2002). This stage helps the trainee manager in finding out the overall effectiveness of the training.

In addition to this, there is various other evaluation techniques will takes place through which company can easily identify the overall benefits of the training events. The overall effectiveness and benefits for the company of the training event can be measured such as:

ROI: This method can be described as a return on investment method through which organization can calculate the overall benefits and specific return of investment they can get as a result of training (Shore and Tashchian, 2002). It is the best way to measure the performance and finding out the overall benefits that company can take by evaluating by dividing net profit by net worth.
The overall training program will take place when new employees joined the company and training will be provided to them under the guidance of sales professional team. They already have a good experience of working in this stream so that they can provide better and appropriate information to all their clients. Several measures have been taken by ALDI at the time of evaluating the training event company such as:

The overall training program is very effective and it can be clearly measured by the management team of ALDI. It was based on the focus of all their employees and problems have been identified with the practical experiences. After providing the overall training all the employees were felly refreshed with new theories and ideas.

3.2 Success of the evaluation method used

As per the needs and requirements of the employees a best training plan is being developed which helps all the employees in increasing their knowledge. This plan is developed with the expectations of future advancements and also determines that it provides higher return on investment (Khatri, 2001). By providing appropriate training decided in the training event company can easily provide high quality services to all their customers. In order to measure the effectiveness of the training evaluation method observation, Kirkpatrick model has been used. With the help of these models they can easily evaluate that how well they can provide training to employees. They can provide better training to workers and also helps them in improving their performance. All the top management level employees of ALDI can provide best suitable training to all their employees but they can't force them to attend training sessions. The overall success of the evaluation method can be easily measured by the improving performance of employees as well as increasing productivity of company. The overall success of the evaluation method can be observed by the capital efficiency of the company and comparing the efficiency in the use of capital within the company.

3.3 Benefits and limitation of the ROI

ROI: With the help of adopting this method company can easily measure their financial efficiency of investment opportunity. Company can easily describe several opportunities to other and they can use different ROI models and investor can select one that best suits their goals. One of the major benefits of using this method is not only guide to capital efficiency but comparing all the possible use of the capital resources within the company. Moreover, the major limitation of the ROI model is that all the present values of the cash inflows are not included in the present values. It is the top most requirements of any as it helps in estimating the actual business performance. If this model is not properly understood then it may leads to favor less attractive opportunities.


4.1 Role of government in training, development and lifelong learning

In any country there are various policies and legislations are formed by the government which should be followed by the companies. UK government plays an important role in developing human resource of public as well as private company there are various fastest growing retail industries are taking place in UK which should be follow all the legal policies owned by the government. In this industry the overall management team of the company highly contributes towards the UK economy (Kokemuller, 2013). Government plays an important role in training, development and lifelong learning of individuals as they took a greater concern in developing and improving the human resource. Government has tried to producing self-motivated learning. With the help of this most of the organizations in UK can gain higher competitive advantage and run their business for long term. Government has set various guidelines and legal policies that need to be followed by companies at the time of providing appropriate training and development (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2012). Different policies made by government should be followed by government as well as employees.

4.2 Explanation that how development competency movement has impacted on public and private sectors

Public and private sectors have started to share their knowledge and growing competencies in order to give better competition and gain higher competitive advantage. ALDI is one of the most popular retail industry and they serve high quality services to all their customers. They can further adopt various methods through which they can provide best benefits to their customers such as performance appraisal, training programs etc (Nazli, 2007). Both public and private sectors have been highly impacted by the development of competency movement as they maintain the professional and friendly working environment. With the help of this technique company can easily encourage their workers effort and provide them healthy working environment. Most of the public companies are involving different human resources with different capabilities and skills. Competence movement has become apparent in form of NVQs and GNVQs these are government policy. These policies highly affected the workplace as well as the overall human resources of the company.

4.3 Training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resources development

UK government has introduced various training programs in order to develop the overall human resource of the company. There are various contemporary training programs initiated by the UK government such as contemporary learning system. It is very effective as it offers faster learning curve to the organization. In addition to this, Qualitative and quantitative learning scopes are being offered to all the employees. It highly contributes to developing the human resource of the company (Larsen, Tonge and Lewis, 2007). For the human resource development UK government provides various resources to the organizations as per their requirements such as financial resources etc. In order to bring stability and growth of economy they can provide various development activities as well as training programs.


From the overall report it has been analyzed that ALDI provide On-the-job and Off-the-job training programs to all their employees in order to enhance their knowledge as well as skills. With the help of this company can easily grow their market share and attain competitive advantage. A training event is planned with imminent a systematic approach by following five stages analysis, design, development, and implementation and evaluation stage.


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