Digital marketing is one of the most important concepts used by different organizations. With the help of making their online presence companies can manage good customer relationship with all customers and also build better relations with them. There are different types of digital marketing used by companies in order to build their business (Gay, 2007). The present report mainly emphasize on different opportunities using a digital approach to marketing the products & services of the organization. For this purpose, Macdonald's Corporation is taken into consideration, and it is world's largest hamburger fast food restaurants and they need to provide high-class services and food quality to all their customers. Moreover, they are adopting different strategies in order to make strong online presence. There are various digital opportunities, digital tools - hardware and software currently used by them. Search engine and pay per click can and are also being used by company in order to grow their business and make higher profits (Ryan, 2014). Companies are investing higher amount on making their digital presence, and they also need to follow various digital marketing campaign legislation.

TASK 1 Mobile Marketing Tools

McDonald’s is using digital tolls for marketing, developing products and services and for customer benefits. Organization applied mobile marketing tools for informing their customers and target groups (Kriechbaumer and Christodoulidou, 2014).  Company has launched their location-based mobile marketing in 2012, which was an integral part of Extended Hours marketing strategy. It would enable company to target specific consumers at specific place and time.  

The objectives of this strategy are to build brand image, customer retention and improvement in market share.  Company used social media to market their products and services in that they include digital promotional advertising tools like rewarding peoples and quick promotional activities at restaurants. They displayed digital pictures of their food products to attract customers. McDonald’s design and develop business app for their customer to provide information about location of restaurants and range of products (Ryan and Jones,  2012).  Mobile games and themes based promotion strategy for food products; they exploit their marketing through Instagram or Vine to advertise. Organization has developed the Google keywords search ad words on their website. McDonald’s implemented geo-targeting technology for internet and mobile phone users. The imprecation of this strategy has increased their sales and customer footfall, 95% smart phone user searched about local information for McDonald’s products and location. Organization adopted the YouTube campaign to address their customers and provide information about their food making process to develop transparency for their process to create good brand image in the market. Company launched their digital marketing plan in 1987, in that they design a game for their customer named Mc Donald’s Monopoly Fortunes. Organization used digital stickers, paper boards and virtual game to promote products and services. In that company offer free movie tickets, cash prices, free food and other benefits.  Company recently start McStart digital marketing concept to encourage their sales. In that activity company offering free Wi-Fi facilities at their store and renovating their store with digital pictures and lighting to offer a memorable experience to their customers (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011).  This strategy is working of the organization to generate sales and footfall of customer.    

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McDonald’s is using digital marketing tools to promote their food products and services to attract customers. They design digital happy meals play zones to influence children. They use images and characters on restaurants floors with the help of cameras and infra-red technology to create an enjoyable experience for families. In order to promote their products organization introduce Iced Fruit Smoothie App to make their customer curious about their products, they never heard about that type of drink and their strategy generated sales and profits for McDonald’s. In this app company develop interactive games by that consumers can get discounts and redeem that at nearby stores (Kłapeć, 2014).  This strategy has build up craze in their customers and produce higher return on investments. Organization always look for express their corporate social responsibilities, in that phase company come out with ‘Kick the Trash’ campaign to encourage children and adults to dispose of waste of their products for the improvement of the environment. This increase McDonald’s brand image and belief in their customers.  To promote food products and services, company start Free breakfast offer by clear channel and dynamic display of advertising to aware customer to have free breakfasts at their stores (SEO vs. PPC - Which Provides You the Better Value? 2014).  The ads showed the quantity remaining at store and persuade customers to visit local restaurants to avail the opportunities. It is considered that Mc Donald’s is having good sense of digital marketing, and they are using this tool to create hype about their products and services (Chaffey, 2009). People are liking their promotional activities and trying their products and services.

McDonald’s has used digital marketing at festival time to create a center of attention for their products and services. Company used facebook, twitter and other marketing tools to provide information and improve their sales and profits. Their promotional activate are successful yet to improve their market size and objectives.  

TASK 2 Campaign To Attract Customers

McDonald being a global player within the industry of fast food chain has incorporated series of strategies in their operations with a motive to gain high amount of support from their target customer and also to attain higher market share in almost every field. With this scenario in general, company has involved several digital marketing campaign in order to attract a large pool of customers on their side. Also, this has been found that technological advancements have been increased up to a great extent and therefore digital marketing is of utmost importance to McDonald. In this context, company has high digital presence as compared to their competitors which supporting them in gaining high amount of business opportunities. In this context, company owns web pages and various micro sites which vary as per the region and geographic boundaries (Fortin, 2000). With this practice, they able to communicate with their ultimate consumers and also offers them information regarding various schemes and discount so that benefits can be obtained by customers.

However, same is practiced by their competitors also like KFC, Subway, Dominos and other prominent chain but McDonald performs it on the basis of geographic region which makes them unique from their rivals. In addition to it, company is also active over social media, and they post different images regarding product and schemes which are being operational presently with a motive to cater large set of individuals. Also, they post a link about different sort of McDonald's mobile application in order to gain popularity. With the help of it, company is able to gain loyalty from their target audiences and hence they essentially able to attain an edge in almost every operational market. This is different from that of their competitors in a manner that other firms lack communicating with customers on a personal basis and also they not focuses on offering sense of belongings to customers (Kriechbaumer and Christodoulidou, 2014). Company is active over Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of social media marketing.  

In addition to all these, company also runs different sort of digital marketing campaign which makes them differentiated from other players of this industry.  In this context, McDonald's runs an extended restaurant hours campaign from which potential customers with the help of mobile app can access the location and available products of McDonald's even after normal restaurant hours. Also, they can make online purchase of the same in order to enjoy meals of this company. With the help of it, company is able to boost their sales and also able to retain large set of customers on their side. This digital campaign is one of the unique that aids in attaining an edge over their rivals. In addition to it, company is also inclined towards eCRM practice in which they post a video over YouTube that reflects the processing of food in McDonald's and level of hygienist being maintained by them (Payne, 2013). With the help of it, firm is able to gain popularity among individuals and hence they able to develop their own unique image against their prominent players. Additionally, company also launched mobile app in Sydney named "track my Macca's" which uses GPS in mobile device to locate the McDonald's store so that customers can purchase products from their store. This digital marketing concept certainly boosted the sale of the company, and they attain an edge over their rivals because, there was no such offering from their rivals (Fortin, 2000).

Additionally, company also focuses on different customer base for digital marketing and in this context; they involved kids also in order to attract them towards the store. For this, company launches Digital Happy Meal Play Zone in which they make their store and more prominently their floors as digitalized in order to make it attractive for kids. With the help of it, overall sales volume of the company gets increased, and this is the step which has not been practiced by any of the other fast food chain (Wind and Mahajan, 2002). Considering all these, this can be state that company possess a high amount of digital presence which is essentially higher than that of other existing firm. These entire practice supports company in gaining a high amount of attention from their target audiences and also they able to develop a unique image in the market place.  

TASK 3 Concept of Keywords and Phrases

McDonald's is well known for their burger and other French fries majorly. In this context, they use the concept of keywords and phrases so that they able to reach customer who is searching for the same. McDonald's spent massive over SEO and for this they identified several keywords which aid them in reaching to target audiences effectively. In this context, keywords are burger, French fries, fast food, hygiene, family restaurant, Mc burger, smoothies, happy meal, I'm loving' it and other related are few of the keywords that have been utilized by cited organization in order to make their product available to target customers. However, there are various benefits of keywords and phrases for McDonald's because they possess a high amount of competition from a different company and in order to reach ultimate customers, these keywords play a major role (Massis, 2014). Also, company able to make their website on top of their rivals when it is been searched by any of the individual from search engine like Google, Bing and other related.  With this, they are able to attract large set of customers on their side and hence they able to boost their sales volume significantly (Bird, 2007). Also, it aids in meeting out with the needs of customers who are looking for core products that been offered by McDonald's. Hence, considering all these, company like McDonald's uses keywords and phrases. However, cited organization depends upon various keyword tools such Google adwords, Alexa and other related so that they able to make their digital marketing campaign visible to a large set of audiences and hence they able to attain an edge over other prominent players (Chaffey, 2009).  


TASK 4 Improving  Social and Environmental Performance

Macdonald's Corporation is continuously improving their social and environmental performance. In order to perform all their operations effectively they are committed to quality products, innovation and sustainability. They serve their customers with the help of internet advertising such as pay per click and search engine (Wright, 2006). They realize the value of selling products with the help of online marketing especially through search engines. Nowadays, people are more likely to end up on the company's website in order to search any of the products. It is very important for different brands to have their strong online presence. Search engine marketing is one of the best way through which company can promote all their products and services by their website and increase the visibility through optimization and advertising (Henderson, 2005). Company can rewrite their website content in order to achieve higher ranking in search engine result page. Pay per clicking advertising is easier and more cost effective, so organizations can create their own marketing plan. Companies are investing higher amount on making their digital presence so that they can produce an impressive return on investment.

Further, with the right pay per click and right numbers of clicks purchased MacDonald's can control exactly how many people are engaged with them (Ryan and Jones, 2012). It is commonly used platform, and most of the companies are investing their amount in it because it is highly effective at a low cost. It allows a business to reach people who are likely to be interested in what the business sells. PPC only appears on the website of the company and search engine results pages that are related to the products (Chaffey, 2009).  

In addition to this, MacDonald's needs to know their digital landscape and how many people like their online services. They are investing more amounts on acquiring higher services related to their digital presence. They can use different pay per clicking advertisements in order to attract a large number of customer. SEO solutions wishing to take full care of company and advantage them by organic search to market their business online (Henderson, 2005). Different SEO consultants are committed to providing most up to date methods for website optimization. On the other hand, PPC solutions are designed to help companies get in front of all their customers. MacDonald's can also use the concept of long tail which provides a meaningful connection between people and products. It is a digital marketing strategy which puts the company in a superior position and delivers tangible results to the company. MacDonald's customers in India use a range of payment options including credit card, debit card and net banking when ordering meals. They have set their online ordering system provides a convenient alternative for customers to allow them to browsing various offers and pay through a secure gateway mechanism (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011). They are giving their digital presence in various ways such as etc. and also implement its global digital strategy with the help of long tail services.

TASK 5  Digital Marketing Tools

McDonald’s can use these digital marketing tools to promote their products and services. Here are some tools for promoting products:  

GaggleAMP: This is the brand new tool of digital media for promotion and provides information about them to their target customers. It would help McDonald’s to reach greater and more relevant customer groups (Ryan and Jones, 2012).  It also helps organization to direct their employees for their planning and share their thoughts to improve services. It is totally integrated system with security tools and provide command to control communication process. For the current time, this would be more creative and innovative to attract customers and market products and services of McDonald’s (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011).

LinkedIn’s:  This is a social media tools would be helpful for organization to retain customers and market their products and services. In that people from different workplace are interconnected with each other and share information (Smith,  2012). This tool will help McDonald’s to convey their message to mass audience and draft improvement in sales and profits (Kriechbaumer and Christodoulidou, 2014).

Pocket: It is discovered to target smartphone users to provide information about offers and schemes about McDonald’s. It is and centralized mobile method to share content at anytime and anywhere (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011). This will be best tool for organization to market their product, because most of the population in the current scenario is having smart phone services. Easy to assess and manage, no more cost addition and other setup to implement this digital marketing tool.

TASK 6 Improve The Digital Presence

 In order to improve the digital presence, companies should follow various digital marketing laws. In order to increase the brand awareness of their company, MacDonald is using different e-marketing tools. As per the recommendation, they are using different digital marketing tools to promote their products and services such as GaggleAMP, LinkedIn’s and Pocket. These tools are using by company through which they can easily communicate with their customers (Ryan, 2014). It is one of the major responsibilities of any organization to keep all their consumers information secure. There are several online laws about which company should be aware and by following these rules and laws they can maintain their good brand image. Data Protection Act 1998 provides that advertisers must process personal data fairly and lawfully (Ryan and Jones, 2012). It also provides the rule through which company should compliance with certain conditions. This is one of the most important legislation that should be followed by MacDonald's while using GaggleAMP. With the help of this, they can easily provide all the necessary information to their target customers (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011).

There are various advertising rules and compliance that is constantly keeping up with the pace of new digital and social media channel. Self-regulatory rules and good supplement legislations fill the gaps where the law does not reach and offer an easier way to resolve disputes. In addition to this, E-commerce regulation provides that advertisers cannot send unsolicited marketing communications by e-mail or SMS to individual subscriber. This legislation is applied on an individual subscriber. Consumer Protection from unfair trading regulations of 2008 covers all the unfair, misleading and aggressive marketing practices. It is regulated by trading standards and incorporated with the CAP code. It also helps in secure transactions and states that all marketing communication should be legal, honest and truthful (Henderson, 2005). It also has a specific rule for a number of particular areas, and it is administered and enforced by the independent Advertising Standard Authority.  


From the report is considered that McDonald’s is using digital marketing tools very effectively and efficiently.  Their digital marketing polices like campaigns, games and use of technology is going in their favor to increase their sales and profits. For the recommendation, organization can use the Pocket, LinkedIn and GaggleAMP services to improve their digital marking technique.  It will be more effective and interesting for their customers. 


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