Introduction about Organization Customer Service

Customer are the main sources of income for any organization in the world. Earning profit is not the only aim for every firm but winning customer's satisfaction is also the major objective to achieve. Providing services to customers plays the leading role in achieving this targets. But the resources who are providing this services are even more important (Wilson and et. al., 2012). Therefore employees or workers or staff members whoever are involved in this activities should be highly talented and skilled.

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In the current project, Royal Garden Hotel is a luxury hotel situated in London where customer's services and requirements has been focused broadly. Identifying their needs and requirements and methods used for performing this functions have been discussed. Different policies and ideas are recommended to improve satisfaction level of customers are explained in this report. The main aim of this project is to conclude strategies to adopt for better welfare of customers through providing excellent services.

Task 1 Researching Hotel Customer Service Policies

1.1 Reasons for using customer service policies

Customer service policies are the backbone of those organizations which are mostly reliable on their customers. One of that type of hotel 5star hotel is situated in London named Royal Garden Hotel. Providing best possible services to receive customer's satisfaction at higher level is the main theme for this firm (Vickery and et. al., 2003). However, there are several reasons for using customer services policies, they are as follows:

Constant improvement: - Through providing continuous services to customers and getting their feed back on their likes and dislikes helps the mentioned firm to improve their services. Interaction with customers helps their ideas and views about product ad their satisfaction level. This customer services tool itself helps the firm to improve their satisfaction.

Need for lifetime value: - The main aim of this mentioned hotel is to provide that effective customer service because of which they can be sticked to firm for life time. For example, user of Android phone will always use Android (Karimi, Somers and Gupta, 2001). The firm needs to create a positive image in the eyes of customers that helps in making tight bonding with customers for long. Though their services can be little extra for the first time but it is the only chance to create a positive impact on them.

Relationships: - Providing services and earning huge profits is not enough but retaining customers through creating long-term relationships also matters a lot. Through effective communication, customers are likely to remain stable with the mentioned hotel's services. Understanding their behavior and frequency of purchase can be helpful in identifying their needs and requirements, this helps in improving services at greater extent.

Customer perception: - The mentioned firm if fails to provide good services more than two or three times, it creates negative impact on their minds. This leads to switching of their brand to other competitors (Brady and Cronin, 2001). Not only this, they also recommends the existing firm in negative manner to other customers also.

Accountability: - In the modern world, every firm needs to improve its strength through websites and other sources of technology. If they commit any mistake in providing online services to their customers and do not apologies than customers not likely to forgive their mistakes and switch to competitors.

Exceptional customer's services: - Providing exceptional services to customers can lead the firm to success swiftly. Therefore, above stated firm needs to give those services which others are not offering.

1.2 Purpose of evaluating customer services

Evaluating customer services is very essential part of every business firm in the modern era. Through this evaluation, firm can understand or determine its positive as well as negative factor that are playing role in operations of business (Fletcher, Fletcher and Fletcher, 2012). Therefore there are different purposes to evaluate customer services, they are as follows:

Measuring sales performance: - Mangers of Royal Garden are needed to measure their sales performances at equal intervals in order to evaluate customer services. More sales means more customer's satisfaction and vice-versa. Therefore, with providing services, managers are required to keep focus on their sales too.

Staff recruitment: - This factors is necessary to be determined because if firm identifies that ratio of increment in customers or new costumes is at lower level so that recruitment of new staff can be handy to increase service because of which firm can gain typical customers. If mentioned firm does not have enough fund to recruit new staff than it is ideal to create training and development programs for existing staff members (Hall and Giaccia, 2006). This saves money and increases customers as well.

Retention of customers: - Evaluating customers services is helpful in understanding their needs and tastes. This is important to know the behavior of customers in order to retain them for longer period of time. Innovating new products and services can make customers happy and this should be the main aim of every firm.

New customer: - Evaluating existing customers services can help in attracting new customers. This can be done through effective communication and keeping relationship with them. Firm can get knowledge about those people who are close to existing customers. Providing information to new customers through existing ones is a new and good technique to advertise products and services (Fountain, 2001). Offers on special events online can catch attention of new customers.

Complaints and complements: - Through evaluating complaints and complements from customers, Royal garden Hotel managers can bring effective changes in their service operations. If there are complaints form customers than firm needs to improve their service and of complements arrives firm needs to remain stable with those services through continuous improvements.
In this regard, if the firm realities that there is lack of adequate services from their staff members than training and development program should be conducted to improve their skills and abilities. This leads to betterment in customer's satisfaction.

Almost every hotel industry pertains different policies of services regarding nature of the business (Parasuraman, 2002). Some of the policies of hotel industries situated in UK have been discussed below:

Task 2 Group work

2.1 Communication method

There are several methods through which customers can be communicated effectively and efficiently. They are as follows:

  • Face-to-face
  • Written communication
  • Oral communication
  • Online Communication

Face-to-face communication: - This the communication method wherein there is direct physical contact of workers and customers. In this communication method, customers gives their views and comments directly to the seller or service providers (Mengi, 2009). I the mentioned hotel industry, example of face-to-face communication is staff members of the firm and customers or guests. For reeving services like laundry and transport facilities, customers needs to make direct contact with service providers or staff members of hotel. Both employees and customers can get maximum advantage through this communication method. One of the main advantage of this communication method is that, it saves a lot of time of both customers and staff members. Prompt service can be delivered through this method. But staff members must be skilled and have perfection in treating their clients positively and effectively.

Write Communication method: - This communication method is used when there is less possibility of meeting with customers. This method is beneficial in two ways, if the customers are far from and hotel where they have resided and firm needs to inform them about something then managers can send message on their cell phones and another advantage of this method is it acts as a written proof so that customers cannot claim in future about non-disclosure of information (Lee and et. al., 2004). This methods acts as a record also because they can neither be deleted nor removed by anyone. In today's online world, messages and emails are the best tools used to communicate with each other in spite of far existence.

Oral communication: - In oral communication, customers are communicated orally. For example, use of telephones or audio messages play vital role in this method. It is the fastest means of communication because both customers and staff membranes need very leas time to exchange information.

Online communication: - Technology is the main source of online communication method. In the modern era effective use of technology is beating all other methods of communication. It includes Emails, Online forms, Fax, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Skype etc. These are some of the resources available in online methods that are used to communicate with customers. This methods are very useful for those customers who are unable to reach the site regularly (Farner, Luthans and Sommer, 2001). The main advantage of this tools is that it save lot of time for both service providers as well as clients or customers.

2.2 Influence of customer's perception through services

Customers are influenced only and only through services they receives. If services are good enough, customers are impacted positively but services lacks in any area, it creates negative impact on them. So, Royal Garden managers are always needed to influence their customers positively. Not only in hotel but wherever customers pays for any product, he or she should get same amount of satisfaction in comparison of payment made. And this depends on workers employees in providing those products and services. Customer's perception can be changed only through effective services and effective communication (Alge and et. al., 2002). Therefore factors that influence customers perception through services polices are:

Quality of services: - Most probably every customer visits hotels for receiving high quality of services. Therefore services are the main source through which customer's satisfaction can be achieved. More high level of services give high level of satisfaction from customers. For example, if a customers visits McDonalds with his family and orders meal, now it is the prior responsibility of workers to make them available their meal in quickest time as possible. If staff delays in providing meal than customer gets disappointment ultimately that lead to creation on negative impact on customer's mind. He or she will think broad before visiting again. And if they receive their meal in quick time, that create positive impact which satisfies customer to visit again as early as possible. Therefore, it can be concluded that effective and prompt service can win the hearts of customers (Sauer, Wartenberg and Hescheler, 2001).


Effective communications: - This is another factor responsible for affecting customer's perception towards the firm. Customer's needs and requirements should be fulfilled as early as possible. This needs clear understanding of what the customers want to say. Therefore, staff members must be talented enough to communicate with clients effectively. There are various methods used in communicating with customers such as oral, written, online and face-to-face communication. Proper use of all these methods leads the firm to create effective communication and relationship with their customers.

For creating effective influence on customer's perceptions, Royal Garden staff members needs to innovate new ideas such as providing wake-up services, visiting them to historical places through their own transportation facilities, 24*7 ATM services inside hotel when customers need hard cash, free tools like tablets, laptops and computer systems with free internet availability etc. These are some innovative services through which customer's perceptions can be changed (Froehle and Roth, 2004). Informing customers about availability of all these new features or services can influence them up to a great extent and this results in customers recommendations to other new customers who have never visited there. Online advertising also plays major role in influencing people to experience facilities of the mentioned hotel.

Task 3 Report writing

3.1 Sources of information on customer requirements

As a manger of Royal Garden Hotel, it is assess regarding customer's requirements and expectations through different sources. Therefore sources available for conducting this process are as follows:

Customers:- Customer themselves are the main sources through which information can be received about their needs and requirements. Through communicating with them or taking their continuous feedback, management can understand heir perception and on the basis of those perceptions, management can apply changes in heir policies (Lo, 2009). Through the help of customer's buying frequency of products and services of hotel, management can identify their behavior regarding what type of customer they are and estimate their requirements for future.

Staffs:- Staffs members relationships with customers can provide good idea about their needs and requirements from the above sated hotel. Effective communication and good relationship of staff members and clients plays good role in understanding customers behavior. Staff members through interactive services can collect customers views and comments regarding their expectations from the firm.

Management: - Management through consultation programs can determine and classify can group customers according to their needs and requirements. After that they can target their customers easily (Walker and et. al., 2002). Conducting meeting and passing reviews of each other provides lot of information about different types of customers.

Customer records: - All the records and transactions of customers purchase are focused to determine the nature of customers. Their purchasing frequency of products and services are checked to get knowledge about needs and requirements.

Past information: - Through the help of historical data, firm can forecast for additional innovations. Previous records helps in estimating future budget as well as needs and expectations of customers.
Through all his methods, customers satisfaction levels can be determined, for example, managers can check their sales in a particular category of service and its impact on customers. If the impact is positive, than they can focus more and innovate new features in that particular product to attain more satisfaction from customers (Zeithaml, 2002).

3.2 Research and potential improvements on outcome of it

Customers of Royal Garden hotel have different types of needs and requirements that are to be fulfilled by the staff and management. Therefore using requirement and satisfaction level of customers a research has to been carried out which shows that still there are some areas where customers are not satisfied and the firm needs improvements there. The logistical areas are still lacking in bringing new variety of food and beverages to customers. Customers faces difficulties in visiting hotel due to unclear addressing in websites. From the research it has been identified that customers are steady in during a particular time period of the year, therefore it is required for the firm to gain new customers during those months (Ingle, Bakland and Baumgartner, 2008). Feed backs of customers shows that they require few more facilities such as playground for children, swimming pool, 24*7 internet availability in stead of only 12 hours a day etc. All this services can aid the firm to gain a greater level of satisfaction from their customers.

Some of the areas are there in the mentioned hotel where improvements are needed to upgrade the facilities as well as increase the satisfaction level of customers. For example, firm should innovate new products in order to impress new customers and encourage existing customers to get good experience. The mentioned firm should increase its transport facilities to remove barriers in visiting hotel easily. In the field of technology, firm needs to explore new informations which provide better facility to customers online. Regarding price of products, firm should make the prices structure in such a way that every customer whether rich or middle income level can afford the services properly (Stank, Keller and Daugherty, 2001). And on the other hand, innovation of products and services should be of that type that suits culture and religions of customers.

3.3 Valid conclusion and recommendation on outcome of research

It has been concluded from the research that Royal's managers can increases their turnover through improving welfare of their customers by adding few more features in their services. Training and developing staff members is also needed to create good and positive impact on customers. Because customers mostly depends on staff members so it is crucial to have high talented and skilled staff who can compete with any kind of difficulties at any time without any delay. This shows their attitude and profession. Proper transportation facilities for customers make them free from tension of searching places (Lightner, 2004). As all customers are visitors who have come to see historical or entertainment places.

It is recommended to the firm that in stead of recruiting new staff, managers can save money and apply training and development programs for existing staff members or workers. This programmings provides benefits in two ways that is, it can improve staff member's performance as well provide better services to customers. It is also recommended for the firm to buy new transport sources which can make ease of traveling for customers throughout the day. This is also an attracting feature for any hotel industry to keep good transport facilities because of which more and more customers can visit. The firm should innovate interactive service for customers which helps the customers to resolve their issues swiftly. The design of firm should be changed in order to attract customers and the same design can be used in websites in order to give decent appearance worldwide (Liou, 2014). Not only that but management should organize various loyalty programs for customer which makes them happy to participate in. the firm should also increase the comfort level with little increase in prices of services. Increase in prices due to high level of comfort does not matter for high income leveled customer because they seek for comfort only.

Task 4 Role play

4.1 Demonstration of delivering good customer services

Following are the service skills I do apply in Barburrito restaurant:

Effective communication: - Through effective communication I meet out out the needs and requirements of customers. By keeping interacting with them regularly, their ideas and behavior can be understood easily. In case if waiters are delaying in servicing food to customers, I handle those customers by making them busy with my talks which enforce them to communicate with me positively. Many a times customers face language barriers, in that case I use different physical expressions that helps them to understand my ideas and ultimately solves their issues.

Creative services: - Many a times I like to provide creative services to customers about which they have never expected (Sadler, 2011). Working positively beyond the expectations is good for both customers as well as myself. Some customers like to give their comments very shortly so I also respond them in their own style that creates good impact.

Time management: - I can help customers in providing good timing for all their works. Suppose they need to visit some place with least waste of time than I help them in planning their schedule of the day that saves their efficient time. In the hotel premises too, I make different services available on time so that they do not get frustrated by waiting.

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Stress management: - When numerous customers are present at a time, I use my skills and give equal attention to all of them. I have to listen and resolve their issues as early as possible so that they get satisfied with firm's service.

Environment management: - Through friendly environment customers like to stay in hotel rather than wandering all over the city. The basic reason behind creating friendly environment is to impact customer's mind positively towards the firm and retain them as long as possible.

Technology support: - Many of the customers face difficulties in technology, their main issue is non-availability of internet (Hulley and et. al., 2013). So I provide them good technological support with my skills and knowledge.

Recognize signals of customers irritation: - Many a times I try to understand customer's irritation signals due to various reasons. Therefore before they respond to any misconduct, I resolve their issues in order to avoid any type of major problem.

Personality: - I have to create my own personality up to date in order to impress customers, as they like to talk and share their feeling and comments only with high personality people whom they can trust and expects to get good services form them.

4.2 Own review and recommendations

Regarding my own role, I would like to have more and more improvement in myself so that I can provide much more facilitated services to customers. I feel need of more training through which I can understand the level of customers. I need to increase my confidence level so that I can compete or cope up with any kind of customers (Stock and Lambert, 2001). Still I feel I am disable in providing efficient time-management to customers so there is need of learning effective time management. One of the major drawback I possess is that I cannot control on my anger so it is really very essential for me to acquire management so that I can control on my anger towards customers. It is because there are certain types of customers whose behavior is unfavorable but my responsibility is to provide them service anyhow in spite of their behavior.

After providing services to customers whole I need to get good relaxation keeping in mind service providing for next day so there is requirement of relaxation techniques through which I can keep myself calm. As it is not easy to handle numerous customers at single time but in order to manage them properly lot of stress occurs so I need to avoid stress as much as possible so that I can work better. As I am aggressive in nature I need to become assertive so that I can interact with customers properly (Karimi, Somers and Gupta, 2001). My verbal communication is different with different customers and sometimes I feel embarrassed with my own vocabulary so I need to improve my verbal communication so that I can speak effectively with customers. Not only speaking is important but with that my listening skill also need to be developed so that I can response to customers effectively.

Most of the customers are unknown about hotel management so they face problems regarding their culture or religion so I need to understand all types of customers regarding their cultures and religion so that I can meet out their problems properly. With providing negotiating and communication management, I also need to learn facilitating the issues of customers. My personal appearance speaks much more before I could speak anything so it is compulsory to have good appearance because of which customers feel free to talk with me and give proper comments and suggestions regarding management. I need to build my rapport so that in case when I speak to group of customers I can respond each of them effectively. Because in a group discussion, keeping everybody's views and ideas is not an easy process so I need to improve my rapport (Fletcher, Fletcher and Fletcher, 2012). My personal empowerment is very low so that I cannot keep confidence on myself while talking with customers. Still I need a lot of training on improving myself regarding my personal empowerment.

It has been recommended that all the above changes are required to myself so that I can connect or interact myself with customers. This good relationship and increase trust between employees and customers.


It has been concluded from above report that in providing services to customers, management need to have efficient and skilled employees who can compete with them easily. Highly talented and skilled staff members are only responsible for increasing firm's goodwill. In spite of good characteristics, staff members need to learn a lot for improving their efficiency that results in customer's satisfaction. Various researches are to be made by Royal Garden Hotel in order to understand the needs, requirements and satisfaction level of their customers. After assessing the needs and requirements of their customers, firm makes improvements in refining those requirements.


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