The aim of Cross culture psychology is to identify the behavior of individual who are from different culture. The people from different culture interact with each other in a different way. It is the technique to identify the behavior on leaders who are working in globalised market. Organizations require managers and leaders who are capable of working the cross culture environment. The present reports based on the operations of Keep Well plc that deals in manufacturing and distribution of nutritional supplements in United Kingdom. The product provided by the company is designed while focusing on the people who want to have vitamins and minerals in their diet. Keep well has captured huge market share in domestic country now it wants to expand business in international market. For the purpose of business expansion company is targeting countries of North America and South American. The most preferable market is Brazil, where the importance of health & body image is high in the younger generation. Organization is going to expand business is outer areas so it will need to have efficient leaders who can manage the workforce and can make effective decision in respect with international branches. The present reports aims to analysis the factor that are to be taken into consideration at the time of taking decision to appoint a new manager or to relocate the existing local manager. In addition to that various factors that are important to appoint an individual at the management level have been evaluated. The cultural issues that are associated with leadership style in a new business environment have been analyzed.Further suitable recommendations have been made for Keep Well Plc in respect with business operations.

1. Evaluate the factors which should be taken into account

When deciding whether a local manager should be appointed or a current KeepWell Manager relocated to take over the leadership of each new site Human resource department play an important role in making the decision over appointing and relocating the manpower. In the given cash scenario Keep will plc has various opportunities to expand the business in international market. There are two market where company can have capture huge share such as North and South American market.The people of this geographical region want to have product which can fulfill their vitamins and minerals diet. It is very important for company to identify the needs and wants of customers prior to making decision on entering in the overseas market. The cultural environment is to be identified in respect with the target market in overseas countries. The foremost factor that has to be considered at the time of making decision over relocation a manager or appointing a new one is the knowledge and understating of local leader in respect with the culture of country. The local managers are to be judged on the basis of their ability to handle the operations at international market (Hooker, 2009).

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Next to that manager should have capable of handling the diverse workforce. At the international level company will have to face cultural diversity among the people working in the organization. It is important to focus on the ability of manager to understand how people behave in the organization and the factors that influence their behaviors. To conduct smooth practices in the overseas market leaders should have information of market and their operations. The information pertaining to labour units is to be with the managers so that it can handle the diverse workforce. It is hard task to relocate the mangers from a domestic country as it will consume lots of monetary resources and the time. Keep well plc will have to provide trainings to the local managers for handling the operation in overseas countries and for this it has to bear cost. In this way cost and time are the two more important factors that can affect the decision making of company (Ke, 2006).

Further, existing market situations are also the factors that are to be considered at the time of appoint a new manager or relocation an existing one. Business entity has to take crucial steps while appointing to the mangers. Firstly it has to prepare the list of skills that are required in the international managers and then it has to design an effective recruitments and selection policies. The managers are to appointed from the area where Keep Well has to expand the business. The candidate from the same country will be capable to manage the workforce and will have known with the requirement of people in respect with their diet. To appoint the managers from the same location will be the worthy decision as company does not have to spend on providing trainings to them. This approach will reduce the wastage of time and monetary resources (Lombardo, 2011). The presence of pre-conceived notions is the biggest factor that is to be considered as it will enable company to incur huge cost and time. To face such problem to get rid out of it business entity has to focus on cultural factors as well it has to keep eye on the economic, social, political and environmental factors.

There are various cultural factors that can affect the operations of company and it has to face many cultural issues. In order to resolve this problem it has to focus on making effective communications with the customers and partners. In addition to that there may be various language barriers in the countries so that the management has to appoint the managers who can aware with the local language of country. Thus the managers are to be appointed from North and South America. As per another aspect there are two factors that help in making appropriate decision in respect with the business problem there are time and cost. The company will incur huge cost in relocating a manager than appointing a new one. The candidate has to aware with the cultural aspects of country so that it can understand the people in different way. Target consumers of organization are the people who are seeking for healthy diet and this purpose manager are responsible to understand the habits of people in the country.

The new manager should be capable of proper and coordination with subordinates and partners (Bosma, 2007). It has to acquire some team building skills so that it can make accomplish the task with the help of diverse culture.The commitment level of managers is also factor that is to be considered while making decisions. The local managers should be ready to take responsibility of running the operations in international market. Mission and vision of business entity are the factors that affect the business of organization and its decisions. A manager who is aware with the operation of local level can make appropriate strategies that are linked with corporate objectives.New manager will have information pertaining to the market and will easily understand the factors that affect the strategies of company. The crucial aspect of business is Employee engagement and their commitment that can be achieved by motivating them and by fulfilling their needs.Management should give a change to employees to be taken part in the business expansion by giving their fruitful successions and ideas (Bournois, 2002).

The leader is to be capable of effective planning for the resources; this will enable business in allocating the resources in an effective manner.The information of customers such as their needs and wants as well their expectations from company are to be analyzed.In this ways it is suggested that organization has to conduct job analysis before recruiting a candidate at international branches.It will be beneficial for Keep well to recruit a right candidate at the right post that will enable business in attaining business objectives. The market competitors and their strategies are the factors that can affect the decision of relocating an mangers or appointing new one. Managers from domestic country will take time in understanding the competition in the business whereas manager from international market will easily cope up in the competitive scenario. In addition to that , marketing department is responsible for obtaining the information to make effective strategies of market explosion (Lingenfelter, 2008). Thus, Keep Well Plc is suggested to appoint new manager for the country in which it is going to expand its business. This will be a cost effective way to expand the business and making smooth operations. It will ensure business for having long term success and growth opportunities in new market segment.

2. Priorities the factors which should be taken into account when deciding the type of individual

In the given scenario Keep Well plc is going to expand business in international market therefore it is looking for a new manager that can handle that can handle the business Operationin international market. There are various factors that are to be considered at the time of appointing the manages for international operations. The manager is to be recruited on the basis of skill and ability to handle business in international markets. The management has to consider the work experience of candidate in the field of FMCG products (Moodian, 2008). In addition to that educational qualification and managerial capabilities are equally important to be assessed. The information of skills and competences of the manager will be helpful in making appropriate decisions over selecting an appropriate candidate. The qualities are to be with a leader are explained in the below points:

Cultural knowledge: The managers that are to be appointed to manage the operations at international branches should have cultural knowledge. The values system, belief, norms are to be understand by the candidate. In addition to that he/ she should aware with the language that is to be spoken in the country (Brayant, 2008).

Expertise in the field of working : The leader should have working experience in the field of food industry as it has to take decision as per its experience and knowledge. Furthermore leaders should be able to handle the workforce at international platform.

Motivating people with positive feedback and recognition:To motivate people is the crucial task of leader that can be done through adopting various leadership and motivation styles. The newly manager should have motivational skills so that it can motivate the people to performs effectively. It has the ability to understand the needs of diverse workforce and it has to provide feedbacks and recognition to the employees (Lakhani, 2005).

Ability of building effective decision making: Leaders should have decision making skills that play important role in success of the organization. To make decisions it has to aware with the information of internal and external market. The Company is going to adopt the practices for that it is essential to make effective decisions and the responsibility lies with the mangers.
Increasing the trust towards employees The managers should have skills to increase trust towards employees that they can perform well for the organization. This helps in making good relation with employees and achieves employee’s loyalty. This will increase operational efficiency and tanning needs of employees can be understand.

Proficient in bring out Change: Leaders are considered as change initiators in organization they should motivate the people to adopt new working style that can help business in increasing productivity. New manager should motivate the people to adopt innovative practices and to encourage them for change. In addition to that managers should have management skills so that it can influence the employees for better performance (Burns, 2012).

Proficient in communication skills and listening skills : Without having effective communication and listening skills the leaden cannot give proper instructions. Communication skills help in attracting employees and booting their moral to do better practices. This will help Keep well in making effective practices in the organization. The leaders should be proficient in regional language of country. To resolve the conflicts between the employees it should have effective listening skills (Bush, 2011).


Effective Team player : It is important to have effective team building skills as it will help making good relations among employees. A well coordinated team can complete the given task in time with efficiency. To build an effective team leader should be aware with the skills and abilities of individuals.

3 Critically evaluate the cultural issues which should be considered when identifying the style of leadership

To adopt an effective leadership style at the intonations level leaders have to face number of cultural issues. It is important for managers to identify the roles and responsibilities that are to be fulfilled by them and they are to be committed towards the company and its objectives. In the international market the culture is totally different in respect with home country there for business has to face number of cultural issues in the market. It is important for managers to understand the different leadership style that are to be used in corporate scenario. As in the above task it is suggested to keep well plc is that it has to appoint a new manager so that it can be benefited in reducing the cultural issues and being successful in international market. If manager adopts improper leadership style then there will lack of tolerance level that will be a biggest disadvantages for organization in conducting smooth operations at international branches (Kellerman, 2010).The firmest issues that can affect the adoption of leadership style are Gender inequality.In the organization people of different cultures and values works together.These all may have different culture and their own style of working in the organization.

The working styles of people will be the issue that can affects the adoption of leadership styles. In this situation it will become difficult to manage the diverse workforce by a single leadership style. To conduct smooth practices at international branches business manages should understand the cultural aspects of work force that comes from different cultural background. Leader is responsible for making effective welfare program so that to make smoothness in functions and to manage the workforce; leaders have to understand the cultural aspects of people working in the organization. It is important for people to understand beliefs and values of employees with respect to their working practices, so that the effective welfare strategies can be designed (Champoux, 2010).

Further organizations may face communication issue while expanding their business in international markets. The language spoken in the domestic country may differ from the countries so it will become difficult to make understand people with the operations of people. If new manager is not aware with the language of country so it will become difficult to give instruction to the employees and to understand their suggestions. It will affect the operational efficiency of firm. Other cultural issues such as race, caste, ethnicity and social class also affects operation of company at global level. In addition to that there are various cultural differences exists between the employees that affect the leadership styles. Every individual has its own understanding and perception to take responsibility in respect with company expansion. The leaders have to carry equality practices within the organization so that all the employees can be motivated towards achieving the objectives. Cultural diversity presents issues related to understanding the behaviors and perception of employees. From the above discussion it is clear that culture of countries puts various impacts on the leadership style. Therefore the new manager is suggested to adopt an appropriate leader ship style that can serve the needs and wants of diverse workforce. To conduct the practices at new branches in an effective way it is important to adopt the leadership style that can match with the cultural aspects of company. In respect with present case Democratic style is the satiable leadership style that can benefit the company in making smooth practices at international countries. In this leadership styles leaders give chance to the employee to take part in the decision making in respect with business expansion. As per another aspect, organization is going to conduct operations in different business environment and it will appoint new workforce therefore it can also adopt autocratic style. This style is adopted when employees need lot of supervision and leader is responsible to making decisions in respect with company (Gopee and Galloway, 2013).

This style is adopted when employees come from different culture and to boost equality at the workplace leader has to adopt anti discrimination practices. Move ever language and value system differences also affect the decisions in respect to take leadership styles. In order to reduce gender discrimination, leader is responsible to give equal chance to male and female to be selected at the post of manager at international branches. At last it can be said that Keep well Plc can adopt democratic leadership style so that that can benefit the company in making smooth operations at international countries. Keep Well plc is recommended to adopt democratic leadership that will help in reducing cultural barriers which will help in achieving overall growth of business at international level (Moodian, 2008).

4. Recommendations to the Managing Director

While making the discussion on the case scenarios and keeping various cultural aspects Keep Well plc is suggested to hire a new manager for handling its international operations. Such leaders are to be appointed from the North and South America that are aware with the culture of country. In respect with this various recommendations have been made that are explained in below points.
Business entity has to conduct a proper job analysis to identify the skills required in an international manager. Keep well is suggested to follow appropriate recruitment and selection procedure so that a suitable candidate can be appointed. For this effective advertisement is to be posted in the company.

HR manager should conduct the interview with the possible candidates and all the candidates are to be given equal chance to be selected for the post of manager.
This will help business in saving time and cost for business. The company is recommended to appoint manager who has knowledge of culture of the country so that it can understand needs and wants of people in the organization. The idea of relocating the manager is not worthy as it will incur huge cost and time. Hence, option of hiring new manager for operating functions in international market is worthy Selection of new manager at international market will enable business to reduce the cultural barriers. Such initiatives will help the business in augmenting its growth at international level (Bournois, 2002).


The above reports discuses the cultural aspect of business expansion in respect with Keep well plc which deals in manufacturing and selling nutritional supplements. The report concludes that organization has to face various cultural issues while making practices at international branches such as language barriers and diverse customers. Keep well plc is suggest to appoint a new manager for international operation as it will be the cost effective and time reducing task. The company is also suggested to adopt anti-discrimination practice which will boost the operation efficiency of business at international level.


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